A Review: Pixi Beauty Products.

Several months ago, Jaclyn Hill did a makeup haul of all “drugstore” makeup. She definitely stopped at Target, which is not a drugstore, but… she got a few items from Pixi and although I’d seen it a few times, I’d never tried anything from the entire brand.

Jaclyn raved about the Pixi eyeliner and pluming lipgloss, so I went to Target a few weeks later to check things out.

At first impression, WOW, there’s lots of good-looking things to choose from. It’s a mid-level price-point, as in, it’s not cheap, but it’s affordable. However, I had to tear myself away from the section without going nuts — I really didn’t NEED anything.

I walked out with only the plumping lipgloss and promised myself I’d be back once I ran out of anything at home.

So when my birthday rolled around, I asked for anything from Pixi! It’s been long enough now that I’ve tried everything out and am here to report back on the items I’ve tried. If you get all the way to the end, I’ve got a few items on my list to try out at some point.

Here goes:

Pixi On-the-Glow Multi-Use Moisture Stick

This is a newer Pixi item and I’ve honestly never seen anything quite like it. It looks sort of like a mini deodorant stick, but it’s a subtle highlighter that can be used on the face, body and even in the hair.

Having used it a few times, I don’t know if I’d put this in my hair, but that’s just me. I have been putting it on my chest, especially along my collarbone for a glow that looks natural. It’s got a really nice color to it and doesn’t feel sticky. Could easily be used on the face as a highlighter or very sheer eye shimmer.

Pixi LipLift Max

This was the first Pixi item I ever got, in shade Petal Ice — this was the exact lip plumper Jaclyn tried and she loved it. For $14 it’s comparable to Bare Minerals moxie gloss, which is $18 I think. I’d have to say I enjoy Bare Minerals a tad more, but this is a solid choice. It’s not sticky and wears well.

Pixi PLUMP Collagen Boost

This is a set of three instant smoothing and plumping sheet masks and they are a great price ($10) and really do leave the skin feeling moisturized and plump! I love a good face mask and these felt luxe and good for my skin.

Pixi Rose Glow Mist

I cannot turn away from a facial mist! Pixi says you can use this before or after makeup… basically anytime for a refresher. I use it after washing my face in the morning and night as a toner, before my moisturizer.

One thing I always pay attention to with facial mists is the actual spritz, which depends on the nozzle (??), but this one gives a very fine, wide mist, so you only need a few sprays, which I like. It also smells nice!

Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish

When I saw my mom got me this, I was thinking about how many lip scrubs I have (I know I have at least six, and half of them aren’t even opened) and I’d have to scrub my lips every day to use them up!

This stuff is not a lip scrub. It’s a regular, smooth gloss that treats and renews lips, but the applicator has little nubbies on it to polish the lips. It’s better than any lip scrub, it’s not messy, and you don’t have to rinse it off! I have been using it every night as part of my bedtime routine.

Pixi + Rachh Loves: The Layers Highlighting Palette

I love a palette and this one is alllllll shimmers! These can be used as highlights, eyeshadows, or all over glow. I’ve used them in all of the mentioned ways and… I don’t know if highlighters just keep getting better and better, but the shade “Clutch” is CLUTCH. That is a popping highlighter!

These are buildable and blend really well together; even the purple shade “Zipper” isn’t too bold to wear on a daily basis.

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm

My mom got me this in the shade “Ripe Raspberry” and even though this says Balm… it’s nourishing on the lips like a Balm, but it’s very pigmented like a lipstick. This is a great lip choice! They’re $8 and I say go for the more bold choices to get the greatest bang for your buck. The shades “Pixi Pink” and “Scarlet Sorbet” look like winners, but all of them would be good choices.

Pixi Items I want to try

Pixi In-Shower Facial Steam

Put on as a face mask and leave on while showering to get a heating effect. Sounds so spa-like!

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence

Honestly, this just looks and sounds cool: flower oils suspended in a weightless serum-essence. Yes!

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen

These look silky like the Smashbox gel liners, but for $6 and they come in loads of different jewel tones.

…Let’s face facts, there are so many good-looking skincare and beauty items that I want to try now that I’ve tested these items out and realized how good they are! If you’ve tried some good ones, let me know so I can add them to my list.

And finally, I’ve linked to some similar unicorn headbands just for fun — I mean you can’t be sad while wearing one of these!

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