Blogging Boot Camp in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Register for my Blogging Boot Camp in Baton Rouge!

I mentioned last week that I’m trying to work on less client-based projects and more things that I create. Specifically, I really love the idea of taking my blog class, “Blogging for Beginners” from the University of Texas at Austin on the road in some form.

I created “Blogging for Beginners” while I was working at Louisiana State University (from 2007-2014) and taught it through the union’s Leisure Courses. I created the course with an understanding that I would have students who may not even know what a blog was — trust me, it happened more than you might think!

As the years passed, the internet changed, as did blogging, and the course has evolved to reflect those changes. I even wrote and published a textbook to go with the class.

When I left LSU, I had to leave the course behind, too, which broke my heart. I truly loved meeting all of my students each semester and teaching them the skills to share their passions and stories with the world.

When I moved to Austin, it wasn’t long before I approached UT about teaching it. They welcomed me with open arms. I’m very lucky to be able to say that it’s been a popular course, and has grown into another course: Intermediate Blogging, which I teach as well.

Blogging Boot Camp at CounterspaceBR

So, I’m really excited to share the first attempt at doing this! I’m bringing a version of that course to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a 1-day Blogging Boot Camp, which will be September 28.

For this event, I’ve teamed up with my friend, my sorority sister, and a client — Sarah Joy Hays — who is a mom and a business-owner herself, and we are hosting this boot camp at her bakery, CounterspaceBR!

The event will be on a non-game day Saturday (I know how important LSU football is) from 10 am – 4 pm, and it includes lunch and a happy hour afterward — everything is included in the price of the ticket.

For the Boot Camp itself, you can expect to learn:

  • How to create a content calendar specifically for your blog
  • Targeted writing tips to improve your content
  • Search Engine Optimization for blogging purposes
  • Hands-on photo styling for your blog and social media

…Plus, you’ll get to meet and mingle with local bloggers, which is always an underestimated way to boost your blog!

Who Should Sign Up?

This Boot Camp is ideal for someone who already has an idea of the blog they want to create; maybe they already purchased a domain or have logged into WordPress, but just don’t know what to do after that point.

If you have an idea but it’s just not sharpened yet, CounterspaceBR will be hosting a complimentary brainstorming session a few weeks before the event — follow them on Instagram @CounterspaceBR for any updates.

So, having said all that, registration for the Blogging Boot Camp is OPEN and we are ready for you (Register here)! We are keeping the group semi-small because we want to ensure everyone gets the individual attention they need to get all of their questions answered, so register today!

If the event is a success, we will be planning more in the future, for sure. If you have an idea for a class — whether it’s in Austin, Texas or Baton Rouge, Louisiana… or anywhere else is in the country, leave a comment or shoot me an email at

Don’t forget, you can always host a Wine & WordPress with me and your tribe for some sips and blogging conversation right in your own home, or location of your choice.

I cannot wait to visit my old stomping grounds and meet some fabulous Baton Rouge bloggers!

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