A Review: Drybar On The Rocks Shampoo & Conditioner.

About a month ago, I bought my first batch of Drybar products! I’d been eyeing them for awhile, but I was hesitant because of a few things:

    I have never really found a hair care product I LOVED
    I religiously color, trim, and treat my hair…
    So, I only wash it once a week-ish

Because of all of these things, I never really use hair care products! I’m a makeup and skincare junkie, but hair stuff? I’m still trying to figure things out.

I get tons of haircare samples in my monthly Birchbox subscription, but it takes me forever to use them up because I rarely “do” my hair. I wash it, let it air dry, and maybe straighten it every few weeks (I used to daily when I had a 9-5 job).

But, I’ve started trying different shampoos and conditioners from my sample stash, using various serums and leave-in conditioners; seeing what’s out there and how I can best care for my hair and color between salon visits.

So, I got a promotional email from Ulta saying all female-owned brands were 5x the rewards points (I am a points addict). This was it, my excuse to try all things Drybar — as it is definitely opened by a boss babe.

I’ll share more of the products I got when I use them a little more, but the On The Rocks Shampoo and Conditioner was the first thing I tried. Here’s a little more about these products:

For your cleanest hair ever! Drybar’s On The Rocks Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo contains activated charcoal that removes impurities and product buildup without stripping or drying out hair.

Key Benefits:

• Activated Charcoal purifies and deep-cleans hair and scalp

• Vegetable Protein strengthens and reinforces chemically treated or damaged hair

For soft, silky locks, use Drybar’s On The Rocks! Lightweight formula conditions dry hair without weighing it down.

Key Benefits:

• Coriander seals and smooths the hair cuticle to boost shine

• Macadamia Nut Oil provides lightweight hydration while detangling and reducing frizz

Both of these have really great reviews on Ulta’s website, and I was excited to try them. It’s taken me a good year to work up to only washing my hair once per week, and when I do wash it, I’m sometimes dealing with buildup and I need a good deep clean.

So, I used this stuff two weeks in a row and especially after the second wash, I noticed a big difference! My hair felt clean, but not dry, and my color remained totally safe. It’s really difficult to find a good shampoo that will clean your hair without stripping the color.

The shampoo and conditioner are a gray, almost black color. The shampoo wasn’t bubbly or foamy, which is neither bad or good, just a note. They both have a light, pleasant scent.

If you just want a sampling of these products, Amazon has the shampoo and conditioner set in a travel size, right here.

Once I shampooed and conditioned, I followed it up with the Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler (I love a detangler). Here’s more on that:

Formulated with Biotin, Vitamins B & C and UV blockers, Drybar’s Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler is a lightweight detangler that protects hair from heat (up to 450F) and preps hair for optimal performance of styling products.

Key Benefits:

• Biotin protects hair against dryness and increases strength/elasticity deep into the fiber of the hair, preventing breakage

• Vitamins B & C nourish and support hair flexibility, strength and texture to improve overall hair health

Sea Berry Oil maintains moisture in the hair shaft, leaving hair feeling soft and conditioned but never weighed down

So far, I love this one — it smells great and it doesn’t make my hair greasy or heavy. However, it also protects your hair from heat (which is amazing), so I’ll have to try it when I blow dry my hair… which is rare 🙂

The only other product in the “On The Rocks” Drybar line is the On The Rocks Charcoal Scalp Scrub, which is DEFINITELY so,etching I want to try! I’m currently using a different brand of scalp scrub (which I’ll review next week) and although I like it, I want to compare it with others.

From what I’ve seen so far, I’m liking Drybar products! I’ll keep you posted once I test out the other products I’ve purchased at least a handful of times… and with my hair routine, it might take a bit.

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