Fashion & funnies in ‘Little’.

Over the weekend, I saw “Little” — starring Marsai Martin, Regina Hall and Issa Rae. Before I dive into it, I realized I haven’t been to the movies since December, when I saw “Mary Poppins Returns”!

I definitely have to be in the mood to see a movie, and I guess there just hasn’t been a movie out that I really wanted to see. But, I really was looking forward to seeing “Little”, mostly because I am a huge fan of Issa Rae, but the story sounded fun, too.

It’s a modern-day body swap… with a great soundtrack.

Jordan (played by Marsai Martin and Regina Hall) is an intense, strict, demanding, and downright rude boss — she owns a tech company — and is determined to succeed no matter who she hurts along the way.

During a rant with a breakfast truck in her company’s parking lot, a young girl wishes Jordan were little so she could remember what it was like to be a child full of imagination and without judgment.

The next morning, Jordan wakes up as a middle schooler again, and must rely on her assistant, April (played by Issa Rae) to help her grow up again, but navigate middle school AND running a company at the same time.

Along the short journey, Jordan learns several valuable lessons.

The fashion was one of my favorite parts.

For starters, I thought this movie was really funny — I laughed a lot. There were several good one-liners, but also some scenes that I really enjoyed.

When Jordan wakes up young, obviously none of her designer clothes fit, so April buys her some clothes at Target. She ends up wearing some green gardening clogs, some overalls that are too short, and yet, still carries her Birkin bag to middle school. Once her new classmates start putting colored straws in her hair, I could not contain the giggles.

Minus the clogs and overalls, the fashion in this movie was so cool to see — honestly, I liked the outfits Jordan wore once she bought things that fit. She wore a colorful striped all-sequin jacket in one scene, a pink plaid suit with oversized pink buttons in another scene, a silky white nightshirt printed with sharks, and a black two-piece set that had colorful accessories printed all over it.

An article in “Vulture” outlines how the movie’s costume designer, Danielle Hollowell, came up with several of the looks in the film. In another article in “Vanity Fair” the same designer discusses where she draws inspiration from, which is pretty cool.

The week before I saw the movie, Marsai Martin was a guest on “The Daily Show”. I admit I don’t watch “Blackish”, so I’d never seen or heard of Martin before, but I was instantly impressed. She seems wise beyond her years, and her career is very inspiring given how much she’s accomplished at such a young age.

I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump lately, so I’m really glad this movie came out — I have always been inspired by movies: the writing, the sets, the actors and actresses.

Plus, going to the movies is fun! I let myself cheat on my diet and I got a cherry coke and popcorn 🙂 On top of that, I saw some previews for other movies I want to see, so hopefully it won’t be another four months before I’m back at the theatre!

I’d definitely recommend seeing “Little”, especially if you’re a fan of these types of movies — “Freaky Friday”, “Big” — or if you want to see the fashion with a few laughs!

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