The Solo Gal’s Valentine’s Day Guide!

Awww, Happy Valentine’s Day! Over the many years that I’ve had this blog, I’ve talked a lot about dating, love, heartbreak, and inevitably, Valentine’s Day.

I’ve had some real bad ones — one year I bought myself a large, heart-shaped pizza. Another year, I just sat on my living room floor shoving homemade red velvet cupcakes into my throat while my boyfriend was out probably cheating on me.

But that is so far from the person I am today and that’s what I’m celebrating today. There is no man in my life (no woman, either). I’ve got myself, and well, myself is pretty AWESOME.

Today is a work day, but I’m still doing a few things to celebrate, such as, watching Valentine’s Day movies on the Hallmark channel (they are showing a movie marathon starting at 1pm CST), and then I’m going to a calligraphy class tonight at the library.

But, I’ve put together a list of small treats that might lift your spirits today — even if you’re not single, perhaps you just need a little reminder that you’re worth it, you’re doing great, and TREAT YOSELF!

1. Sweet Talker Tumbler 

Last weekend, I went to a Galentine’s event hosted by Bumble and since I have the Bumble app, I got a free swag bag… and one of these cups was in it! This is one of those things that I’d see at a store, think it’s cute, and want it, but likely not let myself get it. But it’s so fun, and I’m planning on drinking lots of off-brand LaCroix out of it.

2. Soothing Yogurt Hair Masque 

I got this in one of my monthly Birchboxes and again, this is a total treat item, as I’m not huge on hair products. I only wash my hair once a week, so even sample products last forever. But, I used this (the brand is Project Beauty Hairgurt) on my hair Sunday night and not only does it smell SO good, but it left my hair soft and not greasy (my usual problem with hair products).

3. Bath Brittle

I got this for Christmas (from Justin Bieber, obviously) — I take a nice soak in the tub at least once per week and I just love how fun and colorful this is… plus it smells amazing and you can decide how much you want to break off and put in the water.

4. Sway Rose

At that same Bumble event, I got to taste Texas’ first-ever canned rose… and why not drink something pink today? Pop open a can of Sway and break off your bath brittle… Cheers!

5. Rose Gold Sneakers

I have been eyeing these since Christmas and I think I’m finally going to take the plunge! Now that I don’t have a 9-5, I’ve been wearing athleisure like it’s my job, and these are just so fancy… I might have to work from Starbucks just to give them justice.

6. Super Hydration Sleepover Mask

I only recently started trying Pacifica beauty products, but I’m not sure why because it’s affordable and totally vegan! One of my favorite things I’ve tried so far is their Wake Up Beautiful Super Hydration Sleepover Mask. It’s really light and does not make a mess on your pillow, and you just wakeup to soft skin.

7. Lobster Mac & Cheese

Right when I announce on Instagram stories that I’m trying to FOCUS on my vegan diet… I buy a frozen box of lobster mac n’ cheese from Aldi! But hey, it’s okay. I couldn’t pass it up. If you are looking for grocery store hauls and/or recipes, I am always posting food on my stories and feed @Orangejulius7.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to hear what you’re up to, and/or how you’re treating yourself!

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