Watching: ‘Friends’, season 1.

So… I am watching “Friends” for the first time. Pause while I bury my head in shame. Yes, I’ve seen reruns on TV for years, but I didn’t watch it when it was actually on TV, and I’ve never paid much attention to any plot lines.

So, here I am watching “Friends” from episode one. I just made it through season one and I’m here to recap and offer my thoughts.

For starters, I keep mixing up Joey and Chandler, which my mom finds really comical. I have never done well keeping up with too many characters — four tends to be my limit.

The pilot was already not what I expected, as it jumped right into things without any backstory. I did find it interesting though that Rachel was a runaway bride, because that’s what Grace is doing in the pilot of “Will & Grace”.

But by episode two, I was laughing at Ross in the OBGYN office to see the sonogram of his baby… with his ex-wife and her lesbian lover.

I think so far, my favorite episodes are episode four, “The One with George Stephanopoulos” (when they accidentally get his pizza delivery order) and episode 10 “The One with the Monkey” (when Rachel loses Marcelle and they all go looking for him).

At the end of season one, Rachel and Ross are sort of talking about going on a date, when Rachel’s ex-fiance Barry literally busts through the apartment door.

So, there’s that. I’m looking forward to a little more backstory and to finding out where things go. I also like that it’s not too serious and it makes me laugh — not as much as “Will & Grace”, but I’ll take it!

I had a bit of a rough afternoon yesterday, but I picked myself up and continued on with my day as best as possible. I went grocery shopping (which makes me feel productive), treated myself to some peanut M&Ms that I mentioned yesterday, and went to the library for a bullet journaling class.

Uhmm… I felt stupid at first because I was NOT aware that bullet journaling was an official method of planning/journaling! But it was cool to see all of the different examples, and then we all got plain journals to decorate with markers and washi tape.

It was a much-needed fun evening. I’m looking forward to getting some reading done this weekend and getting a few things organized around the apartment. And I’ll likely start season two of “Friends”!

Have a great Friday, guys!

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