The case for keeping Christmas (a little longer).

No, this isn’t a Trump-driven cry for saying “Merry Christmas”. This is about the fact that my Christmas tree is still up, fully decorated, and lit 24/7.

I know today is January 6, and ever since December 26, I’ve been seeing people post on social media about the appropriate time to take down and put away all of their Christmas decor.

Last year, I put everything away on January 1. It was likely the only time I’d have to put things away and clean before getting back to work on January 2.

But this year, my trip to New York threw off my normal holiday decorating schedule. Usually, I put my tree up right after Thanksgiving. But, I cannot trust Blanche at home by herself with a full tree up – I would have definitely returned home to a disaster!

So, I waited nearly two weeks later to put up my tree, when I was home from New York and not leaving. And when January 1 rolled around, it just seemed like too soon to take my tree down. I feel like I haven’t gotten to enjoy it much.

Plus, I like having it around! It’s pretty and full of memories, and now that I work from home, the way my home looks really impacts my work day.

I can see my tree from my desk, and I like seeing it out of the corner of my eye when I cozy up on the couch with a book or when I watch TV.

Actually, now that I think of it, I’m realizing that I still have a few Christmas movies I have yet to watch, and there are still a few Christmas cookies in my fridge.

What’s the rush in getting over the holiday season? Normally, I’d be right there with you, but after 2018, I’m pretty into doing whatever you want if it brings you happiness and isn’t hurting anyone else.

And really, only me and Blanche will know that my tree is still up way past the holidays. Well, and I guess whoever drives by my apartment and can see the lights from my window!

I’ll consider taking things down next weekend… or maybe I’ll tap into my acquired Southern heritage and just say it’s a Mardi Gras tree!

I’m heading to the library today for some “Journal decorating” – I’m trying to take advantage of more of the library’s free programs now that I am able to take more control of my schedule.

Then, I’m definitely going to yoga and sound healing tonight – gotta get my mind right before a very busy week at The Bitter Lemon (Digital Marketing)! Lots of calls with potential new clients and several new projects to get started on. I’m so thankful for all of the things that have already come my way.

Happy Sunday, guys!

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