The year of great gift giving.

Are you a great gift giver? Do you know instinctively what your friends and family need to make their lives a little bit better? It can be hard to find the right gift, almost harder for friends and family when you want them to love what you’ve spent hours deliberating over.

Well this year could be the year for you – I’ve found the ultimate in quirky birthday, wedding and anniversary presents for all your loved ones.

For the man in your life

Whether partner, friend or brother these gift ideas are going to make their birthday that little bit more special. Massive points to you.

He might not know he wants one yet but give him a video drone and you probably won’t see him for the rest of the month. With exceptional, high quality video quality the images you can capture are truly breathtaking. He’ll love getting aerial shots of your home, his office, your city, anyway where he can let the drone swoop high and free.

For another quirky tech-oriented gift how about a Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer? These nifty little gadgets can print out fantastic quality Polaroids literally into the palm of your hand and are perfect for when you need to print out your Instagram-worthy shots.

If he really does everything, how about something a little less wrapped up like paying for his gym membership for the year or upgrading his Spotify account to Premium. Practical and thoughtful, you’ll definitely be in his good books.

And for her

She works hard, she plays hard and she deserves something a bit special. If the woman in your life needs to know she’s appreciated then it’s time to indulge her passions. Sporty types will love the latest Garmin fitness tracker or some bone conducting earphones that allow you to hear ambient sound around you as well as focus in on your music or podcast.

If beauty is her bag, why not treat her to a full day’s makeup tutorial or a consultation with Dr Tavakoli if you know she’s been looking into cosmetic procedures.

Your art lover will really go for some personalised art so head over to Etsy for a unique piece made especially for her.

If you’re looking to invest some time as well as money then spend an afternoon planning a great day out doing all the things she loves, from a lazy walk along the beach to hiking trails and cycling downhill, fast. Whatever she’s into, take some time to do them with her and give her a day that will last a lifetime in her memories.

This year is the year you win at gift giving. It’s not just about spending big but choosing gifts that show you really get them and want them to have a birthday they’ll never forget.

Do your online research, think outside the box and consider experience just as much as something you can unwrap. Make it count and get a reputation as a stellar gift giver.

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