Friday the 13th: a history.

All the things you can't do tomorrow...
All the things you can’t do tomorrow…

Tomorrow is my last day at my job (more on this in the coming days), and when I submitted my resignation, I had to say, “My last day will be Friday the 13th.” Dun, dun, dun!

I wouldn’t consider myself to be superstitious, but when I made the decision to switch jobs, Mercury was in retrograde and I was nervous about making any big decisions during that time. But I went against the universe, turned in my notice and now tomorrow is Friday the 13th.

But really, what’s the big deal? Where did Friday the 13th even come from? Growing up, I lived with an all black cat (rest in peace, Melvin), and I’m pretty sure he never gave me any bad luck. Plus he lived like 15 lives, easily.

According to the IBTimes, there’s no written history of Friday the 13th (because of course). But it does say that the number 13 has been associated with bad luck all the way back to Jesus’ last supper, since he dined with only 12 apostles. And, he was crucified on a Friday.

Twelve is seen as a whole, complete number given its frequency in our world – 12 hours on the clock, 12 months in a year, 12 cookies in a dozen… I mean. You get it. But 13 is bad.

In fact, 13 is SO bad, some cities won’t have a 13th street, and you’ve probably been inside a building that doesn’t have a 13th floor (just take a look the next time you’re in an elevator). Apparently, airlines report that lots of people do not fly on Friday the 13th because of fear from superstition!

And, did you also know that Alfred Hitchcock was born on a Friday the 13th? Which technically means he would have bad luck his entire life. Instead he went on to become the “Master of Suspense”!

So basically, there’s no real reason why Friday the 13 is truly unlucky, and no actual proof that it is. Italy sees 13 as a lucky number, and there have been numerous stats pulled to show that there are no more accidents on these Fridays than any other day of the week.

There’s a chance we just might have built lots of fears and worry around sidewalk cracks, black cats, and open ladders just as a way to blame the natural patterns of life. Okay, and to support a multi-million dollar movie business – I can never channel surf on Friday the 13th because there’s just too many scary movies on!

It might be awhile before I know if my decision to leave my job on perhaps the unluckiest day of the year, but I’m still going with it, and I’m going forward fearlessly. I’ll skip over any cracks along the way, just in case.

Anyone out there really superstitious of Friday the 13th? I’d love to know what your fears are and what you do to combat them – if anything.

Although I’m afraid of way too many things, there’s a part of me that thinks a little fear is good. It keeps us in check, and when we’re challenged enough to face our fears, the reward can be that much better.

I have a feeling that days like Friday the 13th are more about mentality than anything else. If you walk out the door saying it’s going to be a great day, then saying hello to a black cat won’t change your course.

Cheers to facing your fears on Friday the 13th!


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