2016 Olympics: The countdown is on!


I really wanted the headline for this to be the number of days/hours until the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics… but once I started searching for any such information, I was getting even more confused. Why? Well, for starters, I’m running on strictly caffiene and some websites said the games begin August 3, and other sites said August 5…so, if you know the answer, let me know.

USA Today is reporting that NBC will air the opening ceremony on August 5th (not live), so there’s that.

But anyway, I started thinking about the olympics a few months ago when I saw Matt Lauer interviewing Michael Phelps (see the interview here).

I was shocked to see this interview for two reasons: 1., I didn’t even realize we were in an “Olympic Year”, and 2. I totally thought Michael Phelps was O V E R.

I’m not a huge fan of Phelps, but I AM a huge fan of Ryan Lochte. So then I got super excited thinking Lochte is baaaack and I’ll have something to look forward to. Upon first Googling, all the websites said that Lochte would not be back for the Olympics – he’d moved to North Carolina, and was focusing on a new kind of swim training.

But, after the Olympic trials at the beginning of this month – it’s true, Lochte will join Phelps in Rio! JEAH! J E A H! I’m so happy. Why? Eye candy. Give a girl a little something here. I mean who doesn’t remember Ryan Lochte’s TV show??

So, I’m super glad about that. And then, of course, there’s the GYMNASTICS. I watched the trials over the weekend, and realized it’s been a really, really long time since I’d watched any gymnastics – despite absolutely loving it as a child.

While I’m no expert, there were a few things I noticed while watching the trials: 1. WHY are the Karolyis still around? I’m sorry, but despite the success of Bela Karolyi, the two of them just freak me out. Like they have a RANCH where all the gymnasts go before the Olympics? It just sounds like a cult.

And 2. Why was everyone so pissed off that Gabby Douglas made the team? After some lite research, I see she’d fallen off the beam both nights of the trials, putting her in 7th place, but she also kicked ass on the uneven bars, and that’s what seems to have put her on top.

Douglas also came back pretty quick after a bad knee injury, and she’s the daughter of the single mom. Gotta respect that. I’m excited to watch her in the games.

And then… the ladies of the 1996 Olympic gymnastics team reunited on the TODAY show to celebrate 20 years later… whoa (see the video here).

I was in 6th grade at that time and I LOVED gymnastics! I mean who didn’t wish to be that team? That year, the women earned a gold medal in the all-around competition; plus, the 90’s hair was on-point.

What are you looking forward to this Olympics? I’d love to add to my watchlist!

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