Things I’ve learned from watching ‘Workaholics’

The cast of Comedy Central's "Workaholics"
The cast of Comedy Central’s “Workaholics”

Hello! Monday is back again, but I’m here to lighten things up with a slew of life lessons I have learned from watching the hilarious show, “Workaholics” on Comedy Central. I came across this show randomly about a year ago, and have anticipated every episode since. If you’re not regularly watching, you’ll want to jump in on the nonsense immediately!

And besides, who said TV wasn’t educational? So here’s five things I’ve learned from watching “Workaholics”:

  1. Pretty much everyone has bad luck. Sure, there’s those people you see on Instagram and their lives look perfect. Well, they’re fake, so there’s that. Basically, everyone has bad luck at some point, or a bad day, and this trio of telemarketers seems to have constant bad luck. But, it’s all in the way they handle it!
  2. Lots of people don’t like their jobs and/or their boss. Blake, Adam, and Ders DO have a pretty shitty job – they’re telemarketers and their office is full of characters. And their boss, well, she’s a tad psychotic. But this is what makes the show hilarious, because they are constantly testing new antics to improve the place.
  3. Having roommates does have an upside. When these fools aren’t working, they’re often stirring up trouble at their near-fratastic house. Whether their smoking weed, hanging raw meat, breaking into their neighbor’s homes, or building wine decanters, it’s always a shit show. Let’s face facts, not a lot of people like them, except each other, so it pays to have roommates.
  4. Adam is goofily hot. All three of these guys are goofy, and at times, quite dumb. But who can resist Adam’s cute face? It’s when he opens his mouth that things start to go south.
  5. I want to sit on a roof and drink. I’ve lived in condos, but never really a house where there was the ability to hop on the roof and drink. But it looks so fun! People-watching at its finest!

The other good news? Adam DeVine and Zac Efron (drool factor) are starring in a movie opening this summer:

And there you have it! I hope your Monday is fantastic – I’ve got 3 hours of dance rehearsal tonight, so I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!

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