Pic of the Week.

I know I’ve mentioned a few times that it’s been difficult for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year — and hey, I’ll probably mention it at least once more before Friday. Deal with it.

But, I think this happens to me every single year. Sometimes, I’ll go the entire season without feeling “Christmassy” and then BAM, on Christmas Eve, when I’m baking a nice little pie, I feel festive. I suppose it doesn’t matter when it happens, so as long as it happens.

Over the weekend, I made it my MISSION to watch pretty much nothing but Christmas and holiday stuff on TV. Here’s a little rundown of what I saw (or at least listened to while I did my chores):

Yeah, it was a lot. But even watching these movies (hearing all the Christmas songs) got me in the holiday spirit. It didn’t hurt that I was burning some of my favorite holiday candles as well: Mountain Lodge, Vanilla Bourbon, and Frasier Fir.

I also watched the Christmas episodes of one of my favorite shows, “Will & Grace”, including the Christmas Eve episode in season five.

I finished up my Christmas shopping Friday night (where I got to see lots of Christmas lights), so I wrapped all of the gifts on Saturday while I watched said movies. I also hit the market to pick up all of my holiday food (and okay, lots of wine).

My mom flew into town yesterday, so we’ll be spending this afternoon doing all sorts of festive activities — including ice skating and the Trail of Lights (you should really check it out on SnapChat @OrangeJulius7) — and tomorrow we are treating ourselves to “Merry Mani-Pedis,” which consist of peppermint scrub. Sweet!

I hope you’re finding the holiday spirit within, and that you’re able to spend this week with close family and/or friends. I’ve got some more holiday goodies for y’all in tomorrow’s blog, and some extra thoughts on the season for Thursday’s post. Happy holidays, my fabulous readers!

PS. Treat yourself to that CUTE Kate Spade thermal travel tumbler, or one very similar, right here. Cheers! 

P.S.S. My class, Blogging for Beginners, is FINALLY live on Udemy.com — check it out here — and I would LOVE to offer it to you for $25 instead of the usual $59 using code: Hurray 

All the info for the class is on the site, but it is a 4-hour class with 33 lectures, and you get to know everything you EVER wanted to know about blogging! I really hope to see you there!

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