The bathroom & closet tour.

It sounds a little weird that I’m giving you a tour inside my bathroom, but hey, when I say I’ll let you in my home, I mean it!

Click on the video to get the visuals on my bathroom (which is attached to my bedroom and has a separate entrance in the hallway) and my clothes’ closet. However, I’ll give you some extra details right here.

I don’t think my new bathroom is any bigger than the one I had before, but it’s long and skinny instead of perfectly square. It’s definitely taken some getting used to.

One thing is for sure, this bathroom has SO much storage — some of my drawers and cabinets are damn-near empty.

More fun facts on my bathroom & closet:

  • My shower curtain was custom-made for me on Etsy. I chose the paint colors, and it’s 10 feet long to fit my high ceilings in my previous apartment. My new ceilings are only 9 feet, so my mom used hemming tape to temporarily shorten the curtain (I was too scared to cut it in hopes I’ll get tall ceilings again one day).
  • I use daily shower cleaner from Melaleuca to keep my tub/shower as clean as possible, without harming Blanche with chemicals. She loves to lay in the tub, which is why you probably got a glimpse of some of her cat toys near the drain (she brings them everywhere).
  • My giant candleholder and my bathroom rugs are from Home Goods — I love finding cool things for great prices (who doesn’t?), but they have some really unique things there!
  • All of my organization crates in my bathroom closet are from Dollar Tree! I’ve had them for years and they keep my closet nice and neat; even when I’ve got loads of makeup and toiletries to sort through.

It sounds ridiculous, but I get really stressed over having my things sorted in certain ways. In my last bathroom, there was NO storage, so nearly every single days, my makeup and toothbrush ended up right on the counter. And, I don’t know about you, but I like things neat and clean.

So, accepting the fact that having my hairspray in one drawer and my makeup in another messed with my OCD brain that likes “Morning things” in one area, meant that it’s organized in a way that allows me to keep my countertop clean all day, everyday.

Thanks for coming into my home, once again! I’ve still got a few more rooms and areas to share, so keep checking back to see more of my little apartment, and of course, catch the Blanche cameos!

Check out the kitchen tour if you haven’t already. As always, catch glimpses of my home (and my crazy cat) on SnapChat @OrangeJulius7 

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