Second wedding etiquette.

Destination on fleek.
Destination on fleek.

Not to be an ass, but I read an article the other day that said the average marriage that’s ending in divorce lasts around 8 years. So for my peers who got married at 22, yikes. Truthfully, some of my friends are already divorced, and in fact, some are already facing marriage number two. Yay!

But second marriages can be tricky. We all know what traditionally happens before and during a first wedding, but what about the second one? Luckily, The Knot has some great tips and advice for the second go ’round.

Thankfully, it’s completely acceptable to have the wedding of your dreams, the second time. However, you can’t expect your parents to pay for it this time — you already got that once! You can still wear white, and have bridesmaids, but you may not be able to get married in your regular church (if they don’t recognize divorce or remarriage). Consider:

  • A destination wedding
  • Including your children in the ceremony
  • Throwing a surprise wedding

You can still set up a registry, but don’t expect gifts from most people, especially if they were in attendance for your first wedding. Use your registry for things you really don’t have and wouldn’t buy for yourself. Consider:

  • Charitable gifts
  • Season tickets
  • Weekend getaway
  • Family adventures

Truthfully, anything goes for a second wedding — it’s your chance to do whatever you didn’t get to do for your first wedding, or have something personal and telling of your current relationship. Whatever you decide, your friends and family will be happy to share the moment with you.

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