Pic of the Week.

Time to get clean.
Time to get clean.

I really thought I was going to have something cool for my first Pic of the Week for 2015, but truthfully, this is as exciting as it gets right now.

This is the first week that I actually have time to tend to other things aside from work — I’ve been averaging 50 hours a week between my three jobs, and I hate to admit it, but my apartment has been in a constant state of chaos for at least a month.

I go between those stages of wanting everything to be neat and tidy, and then thinking that spending my time off cleaning is SUCH a waste of my time (and really, a waste of my life). The result is that my bathroom and kitchen maintain cleanliness, because come on, I’m not completely disgusting, but most other places in my apartment are covered in clothes (some clean, some dirty), mail, or DVDs.

So, when my schedule went from 50 hours of work to 20 — I realized all of these things I wanted to do with my time: read, hit the gym (finally), apply for jobs, sleep, vlog, and yes, clean.

So, yesterday I didn’t have to be at work until 3pm, and while I really was hoping to workout, I decided that the cleaning must come first. And so, I sucked it up and did a ton of laundry (I even washed all of my bedding), and put it away (ta-dah!).

I swept, mopped, and vacuumed, put away any remaining Christmas gifts, cleaned all of the mirrors, did the dishes, caught up on bills and filed them away, and I even made a pot of red beans and rice. Success!

Part of my problem is that there’s just too much crap in my small apartment, and I started a giveaway box a few months ago, that I’ve been adding to — every time I come across something that I don’t like, into the box it goes.

Now that everything is neat, clean and fresh, I’m feeling good and a little less cluttered, but truthfully, even though I’ve been out of my usual work routine for two months now, I can’t get used to this new routine. Everything always seems out-of-order, and there’s always so many things on my to-do list — it seems like I can never catch up.

I know a ton of you guys have loads of work, and families, and long to-do lists, so if you’ve got any tips on helping me stay organized or at least keeping my apartment somewhat neat from day-to-day (I’ve already have to tell myself to ‘put that in its place’), I’d love to hear them!

And, just in case you’re wondering, my Christmas tree is still up, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

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