In Depth.

After looking at my timeline, and some notes I had from my relationship with Austin, I was able to go a little deeper with that first timeline I posted. Here goes:

April 20, 2006: Austin sends me postcards from his class trip to the west coast.

July 24, 2006: Austin regrets our physical relationship.

March 21, 2007: Austin and I are talking again.

June 10, 2007: Got back to Baton Rouge after my trip to St. Thomas. I spend three days and nights with Austin as he gets ready for his move to Dallas.

June 13, 2007: I say goodbye to Austin.

June 14, 2007: Austin leaves roses and a card for me on my doorstep.

June 28, 2007: I book my first flight to Dallas and Austin tells me he wants me to move there.

July 7, 2007: Two weeks until I get to see Austin, but I worry he’s meeting other girls.

July 8, 2007: I have a dream about Eddie & Paige (it’s been a year since that whole drama). Travis tells Austin I need to call him.

July 10, 2007: I get ready for my interview at Duvic’s, although Austin tells me he doesn’t want me to work there.

July 19, 2007: I move from Sean’s condo to Kirk and Nicole’s.

July 22, 2007: I arrive home in Baton Rouge after my first trip to Dallas.

July 25, 2007: I meltdown.

August 14, 2007: I’m on my way to Los Angeles. I accept job offers from Duvic’s and Guess. I have serious thoughts about NOT moving to Dallas.

September 30, 2007: I cry over a fight I have with Austin, when he tells me to delete him from my phone.

October 3, 2007: I write a story about Matt B. for my English class. I am feeling better about Austin, although I find myself disconnecting, and I am done with the idea of moving to Dallas.

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