When Creativity Leads Nowhere

Creativity is not a state of mind. It’s a muscle that we all have but that some of us have forgotten. Whether it’s because of your hectic lifestyle or fulfilling family life, you might find yourself forgetting about your creative side. In reality, there is no such thing as creative talent. Creativity refers to your ability to engage your imagination and think outside the box. People who naturally nurture their imagination through books, games, and hobbies tend to maintain their creative input throughout their life. Others need to rediscover it first! But tapping into the creative well doesn’t come without risk, especially when you approach the imaginative world with the somewhat restrictive mindset of an adult. Your creative muscle needs time and attention more than anything else to grow back to its full strength. Don’t let unexpected distractions take you off course.

Creativity and abundance

In a society where you can click to buy anything and get it delivered to your door the same day, it’s natural to explore IT solutions that can enhance creativity. In essence, while you can’t buy creativity online, you can find plenty of tools that let you explore, create, and think differently. If you are attracted by visual arts, you’ll love the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography app that enables amateurs and professionals to edit and design mesmerizing photos. If you prefer taking notes and writing down your ideas, Bear Notes is a powerful app that helps writers and aspiring writers to keep track of their thought process. You’ll find an abundance of applications and tools to encourage creativity, so many in fact, that you might need to research how to uninstall Mac apps to free up your creative space. Indeed, the first mistake is to believe that the tool is going to make you creative. There are many apps available, but they act as an instrument to express your imaginative world. They can’t buy your way to creativity. 

Am I creative or productive?

Engaging your creative muscle is a bit like warming up before a workout. Your warmup is crucial to the safety and effectiveness of the workout, but in itself, it doesn’t deliver anything. The biggest mistake you can make is to decide that creativity isn’t your thing because you haven’t “made” anything. Creating an immersive and inspiring space where you can practice your creative skills might not immediately lead to a profitable outcome. The time you put into training your eye and mastering your style is not in vain even if your creations are not perfect. 

Creative preparations… or just lazy?

Nurturing your creativity is the process of developing ideas and skills until you are ready to design, make, write, draw or plan something new. In other words, the research and training phase is part of your creativity. However, it’s important to accept that this passive step is only temporary. Too many creators get stuck in the research process and never come around to the active stage. Creativity begins in the mind but needs to give life to an IRL product too. 

Embracing and developing your creativity is an adventure during which you’ll face the distraction of creative tools, perfectionism, and passive thinking.  But don’t let any of these stop you from fulfilling your creative dreams and passions.