Vintage Beauty Tips – From Hepburn to Hayworth

The beauty industry changes like the fast and furious. One minute it is nudes and matte the next it’s shimmers and gloss. There are more products hitting the market every day than people can keep up with, and it means that many of the tips and tricks of the past slowly get lost in a sea of glitter.

Going classic. Rolling back the years to Audrey and Marylin – using the tried and tested beauty tricks from some of the most stunning women of all time – can never be a bad thing…

Audrey Hepburn

Her eyelashes were a thing of beauty. They were long and perfectly separated. And, while she used a pin to get that definition, that isn’t really recommended. So, skip the pin but invest in a really good lash comb. Her perfectly applied eyeliner, which you can achieve with ease – visit Lovoir for more – complimented those cat eyes.

A defining mascara will aid you on the way to creating those big doe-eyes. If you want the full effect, a pair of falsies will be perfect.

Mae West

There is rarely a person now that doesn’t use coconut oil in their daily routine somewhere. However Mae West as the trailblazer on this front. In an interview in 1974, she encouraged the interviewer Caroline Boucher to touch her skin. Her secret to super soft, supple, dewy skin was coconut oil!

Grace Kelly

Stunning, with a beautifully contoured face. Grace Kelly had a fantastic way to contour. Rather than mix bronzers, cool or warm browns and so on, she simply used a light blush on the apples of her cheeks and then a darker shade just underneath. It gives a soft flush, gentle definition and is super easy to master.

Sofia Loren

If you are suffering from dark circles under your eyes, or puffy eyes them, it might be time to ditch the cucumbers and head for the mint. Sofia Loren swore by using crushed mint leaves, leaving them under your eyes to banish those bags. This is great because it is natural and pretty simple – in fact, you can grow your own mint to do this regularly.

Marilyn Monroe

If you are looking for the perfect pout, and have some time to play with colors. Marilyn was known for her beautiful red plump lips. Her make-up artists actually created this look by using around 5 red toned lipsticks. There are some great tutorials about how to sculpt your lips, but if you just don’t have the time for that – you can buy her exact shade. It’s from Max Factor and is called Ruby Red.

Rita Hayworth

Known for her shiny fiery mane, Rita was using olive oil to deeply condition the ends of her hair for at least 15 minutes after a wash. Then, when that was done, she would rinse the hair with water and lemon juice. With the more natural hair routines big right now, maybe it’s time to try something this simple.

While sculpting, contouring, plucking, microblading and weekly facemasks are a lot of fun, sometimes it’s nice to strip it back to the old classics.