Trucking: A Lifestyle

Did you know that truckers make some of the best money, have flexible hours, and get to travel around their country on the clock? Trucker’s Training quoted that truck drivers on average make $21 an hour. That’s just for driving the truck and doesn’t include the side hustles a truck driver might do from the road, like work online. 

To become a trucker, you don’t necessarily need to be trained or have any credentials, although it can help your case in getting higher paying opportunities to move things across the nation. 

Trucking Credentials 

Trucking credentials are mainly required for commercial semis and tell authorities that you have taken a course to learn how to drive a semi-truck and follow the laws specialized for semis. 

The course is very similar to a regular driving course that you sign up for at 15-years-old. The main difference is that you are driving a 72-foot truck, rather than your typical sedan or SUV, which are 16 feet long at most. 

You will also need a Commercial Driver’s License in order to ship across the country for companies. This is not required but will increase your chances of getting more jobs with higher salaries. 

Also not mandatory, but beneficial, are training schools for truck drivers. These will set you up with valuable connections and skills, which will align you with your future job opportunities. 

If you want to skip most of these steps, you can find trucking work through bidding systems for delivery services in your area or within the location ranges you specify. 

Trucker Life

You might be wondering, where do truckers sleep and hang out in their free time? One couldn’t imagine reclining the driver seat every night for weeks to months while delivering. 

Each semi-truck, in the main cab, has a sleeper bunk built into it. These can be surprisingly luxurious, and make trucking a comfortable and exciting lifestyle! 

Many truckers live with their spouses and pets in their truck, hitting their bucket list travel spots along the way. It can be an ideal lifestyle for those who enjoy living on the road! In addition, many drivers will drive during the night, when there are fewer cars on the road, to drive long miles in less time. With this method, drivers have the ability to stop during the day somewhere and relax, set up a hammock in the trees to sleep, or explore a nearby city or state park in their free time.

Many states regulate the amount of time a trucker can drive, to decrease risks of falling asleep behind the wheel. Truckers are required to log their hours, giving them ample time to rest and explore in their off-hours. 

As you can see, there are many perks, like free-time and travel, that accompany the trucker lifestyle. It’s no surprise that this job has been selected by thousands of people each year. If you are contemplating a life on the road, consider a trucker lifestyle for easy and stable access to money while traveling!