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WordCamp San Antonio!

Aw, yeah!

Hey there! I’m fresh off a weekend of geeking out over WordPress, so I’m pretty excited to be blogging today.

I’ve had this on my calendar for a few months now, so I was pretty excited when the weekend rolled around. I wasn’t aware of this, but WordPress hold these WordCamps each year, in different cities across the country.

Volunteers come together to make the event very affordable for attendees ($40 got me entry for two days, two free lunches, and a free shirt). It’s a weekend meant to help those of us interested in or who are currently using WordPress – the speakers offered different levels of advice depending where you’re at on your “WordPress Journey”.

I attended several sessions, including: “Start Your Podcast Now: 3 Steps to Launch”, “Marketing: Simplified”, “Get Google to Love Your WordPress Website”, and “Content Ideas for When You’re Stuck”.

I particularly enjoyed one of the keynote speakers, Kori Ashton, who heads a WordPress company in San Antonio. She spoke about how she took her side hustle of building websites to creating an entire team and a thriving business.

I’ll admit, a few of the sessions I attended discussed many things I’ve already discovered – I’ve been using WordPress for almost 10 years. But it’s always nice to get reassurance from other people in the industry that you’re doing something right – even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks – I promise I will write about it soon – but going through the functions of my daily life have proven to be almost too much at times. I’ve struggled to get up, to make it to work, to actually be productive – I’ve been trying to simply get by.

When Friday rolled around, not even the anticipation of WordCamp (!) could get me to San Antonio. I did however, drag my ass out of bed at 5am on Saturday morning though, so I could make it to registration on time.

And it was worth it. Despite a few annoying people who tried to scold me for bringing coffee into all of the classrooms, people were friendly and the campus was nice. Above anything technical I learned, it was a jumpstart that I needed.

I’m able to not only do social media all day for my job, but I get to TEACH WordPress for blogging, and I get to talk to all of YOU through this blog. I don’t know what I would do without it, especially in times like these.

Which reminds me… are you getting the updates on The Bitter Lemon Facebook page? I post links to new blogs and when I have password protected posts, that’s where I’ll post the password. Following me on Instagram (@OrangeJulius7) would also be smart for those reasons 🙂

I’ve still been working in the Etsy shop! I added two new items last week and am working on a few new things this week, so keep your eyes open. I’ll be right back here tomorrow with a recap on “Siesta Key”!


Blogging for Beginners!

Blogging for Beginners on Udemy!

Blogging for Beginners on Udemy!

Hey gang! Anyone else back at work today? I am, and I can already tell it’s not going to be an easy few days before we get another long weekend (how spoiled do I sound right now?). Anyway, I feel like I’m being annoying and beating this course over your head, but this will be my last hurrah about it (unless, of course, I’m throwing an awesome promo), but I just wanted to give you the chance to take it on the cheap!

So here’s the scoop on my course, Blogging for Beginners:

Course Description

Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to create a living, successful blog.

This class covers the blogging world from all angles, including:

  • How to choose the blog platform for your blogging needs
  • Best practices for writing & publishing entries
  • Techniques for promoting & maintaining your new blog
  • Ways to interact with bloggers around the globe
  • Information on advertising opportunities & affiliate programs to earn money

While emphasizing the content of your very own blog, this class will also hone your skills at:

  • Utilizing your blog platform to its fullest potential
  • Applying design techniques to further communicate your ideas to readers

Learn the ins and outs of three blogging platforms, including WordPress, BlogSpot, and Tumblr. You will also encounter other bloggers and complete assignments to ensure your experience in this class is helpful in the blogging world.

Take this course if:

  • You have a curiosity about blogs and the blogosphere
  • You have a desire to create and a need for an outlet
  • You have a passion you wish to share with the world
  • You have a business you’re looking to promote
  • You have a hobby you want to make money from
  • You’re looking for a way to communicate on a global level
  • You’ve started a blog but need direction and/or promotional help

What are the requirements?

  • You can start this course without even knowing what a blog is — don’t worry, I’ll explain it! All you need is an internet connection and we’ll go over everything from there, together.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 33 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • Choose and use the right blogging platform
  • Post blog entries, complete with photos, videos, and other multimedia
  • Maintain and promote their blog(s)
  • Create, design, and name a blog
  • Reach a desired audience with specific content
  • Relate and interact with bloggers worldwide
  • Utilize SEO tactics, social media channels, and other marketing methods to promote their blog(s)
  • Be able to maintain a successful web endeavor (for hobby or for business)

What is the target audience?

  • Blogging for Beginners is truly meant for beginners looking to start a blog. If you’ve started a blog, but are looking for tips on what to write, or how to promote it, you can still benefit from this course. If you’re already a blogging pro, this course is probably old hat to you!

…So, you don’t even need to know ANYTHING going in to the class — I’ll teach you everything! There’s 33 components to the course, including videos, lectures, screeencasts, and a downloadable syllabus.

But, here’s the thing. I need some people to enroll in the course and give me some reviews! So, I’m offering the ENTIRE course for $1 (yes, ONE DOLLAR) to the first five people who sign up (here) and use the code: Lemon …if you see this too late, you can still take the course for $25 (which is still way less than it’s listed price of $59) with code: Hurray …so, sign up! I hope to see you there soon!