The Bitter Lemon Shop!

I know I’ve talked a little bit about my recently-opened Etsy shop: The Bitter Lemon Shop, but I wanted to dedicate a post about it. I didn’t really intend to open the shop and fill it with so much STUFF, but it happened that way – once you start creating, I guess I can’t stop! […]


Hello, vegan food.

Okay, so I’m not going totally vegan, but I’ve been incorporating much more vegan meals into my life than ever before. I’ve been eating on a pretty strict diet for the last five weeks, plus prancing around the dance studio nearly every day, and I’m finally starting to see some results. I didn’t make a […]


Get (p)interested.

Well, I succumbed to the peer pressure and joined Pinterest. If you haven’t heard yet, Pinterest is basically a collection of virtual bulletin boards where you can post pictures, clippings, ideas, etc onto them just as you would a real bulletin board. I have several friends who’ve been on this for months and have told […]