dating detox

Detox Your Dating: Day 5.

SRSLY, everyone is just freaking out about this solar eclipse – is it really that big of a deal? My office doesn’t even have windows, so I’m 100% sure I will not notice when Texas gets 65% coverage. Le sigh. Anyway, onto Day 5, and this one is a tough one for me. Day 5 […]


Detox Your Dating: Day 4.

The detox for day 3 was pretty eye-opening for me, so I’m curious to dive into day 4! This day is all about “Recognizing your cravings for attention”. Oh boy… Day 4 Challenge: Recognize Your Cravings for Attention Denise explains that many successful women admit to having some sort of “attachment” to something on the […]


Detox Your Dating: Day 1.

A fellow singleton friend asked me if I wanted to try a free 7-day exercise called “Detox Your Dating Life” put on by Denise Poteat. I immediately agreed – although I do really, really enjoy being single, I’m always up for a challenge. This 7-day exercise involves lots of self-reflection, and over the course of […]