How to Quickly Grow Your Blog Readership

Starting a blog is an exciting time. You set up your page the way you want it and write your first posts with great enthusiasm. After you click publish, you expect a flood of interest in your ideas, but there is zero. Don’t worry; it’s happened to all of us. The secret is to have patience and work diligently to grow your readership and following. It takes time, but if you’re persistent, you will soon have an audience. 

Understand Search Intent 

Search intent refers to the way Internet users search for the things they need and want. If someone wants to buy cheap baseball tickets, then that is the keyword they will search for. They might even search cheap baseball tickets in LA to narrow their search further. Search for cheap tickets is too broad and vague. So in your blog posts, write cheap baseball tickets (in LA) for the search engines, and readers can find it. Also, put this information in the meta description and tags. 

Give Your Posts Value 

It’s not always about length; some readers will get bored of a 2000 word blog post that’s mainly filler. Similarly, they might be more engaged with one that’s only 500 words because of the ideas and level of detail. Try to strike a balance. It’s a blog post, so you don’t have to write a book, but do enough research to add value to the post and make it credible. It will engage readers who find your post; it will also improve your search engine results and encourage more people to subscribe or follow. 

Use Keyword Wisely 

When you learn about keywords and SEO strategies, it can be tempting to use them in every paragraph and in every headline. Especially if you want to monetize your blog and use Pigly.Com to improve your finances. However, this won’t work and will result in a lower ranking for your blog post. Following Google’s 2011 Panda update, search engine bots now look for a lower keyword density and more relevance around the keyword. Keywords that are embedded in context do better than one that reads funny and seems like stuffing. Try to use your keywords only a handful of times and make them relevant to the topic.  

Diversify Social Engagement 

Everyone is on social media these days, and it’s tempting to think of it as the main way people interact online. This is not the case. Although utilizing things like Twitter marketing services, Facebook posts and Instagram engagement is really important, WordPress has a vibrant blogging community, for instance, where people regularly connect and collaborate. If you want to increase your blog’s readership quickly, you need to engage with online communities. Like and comment on other blogs you find interesting, subscribe to the most relevant ones, and offer to write guest posts. However, don’t forget about social media; it is a powerful form of engagement. 

Expand Your Marketing 

If you want to grow your blog’s website traffic quickly, you need to expand your marketing efforts, don’t only rely on the most obvious channels. Do you have a newsletter? Why not put your URL at the bottom of it and on your email signature. You could use push notifications for subscribers and answer relevant questions in online forums like Quorate and Yahoo Answers. You need to get creative with your online marketing if you want to grow your readership and following.