Halloween Craft Idea: Painted Skulls!

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Admittedly, I’ve been a bit of a Pinterest junkie the last year or so. But lately, I use it more for recipes and crafts that I can do on my Tech Shabbats (read more about those here).

In the last month, I’ve seen several Halloween craft ideas — especially using items from the Dollar Tree.

One idea that I really liked was painting some skulls more fun colors (not necessarily Halloween colors) and then lining them up in an ombré pattern.

I wasn’t sure if the Dollar Tree near my house would have the right supplies, but I decided to go look.

Sure enough, they didn’t have the exact skulls from the Pin, but they did have white ceramic skulls that could hold a tea light.

In case your Dollar Tree doesn’t have these, I found some other ceramic skulls online.

Perfect! I bought five (they were $1.25 each). Then, I bought five different colors of paint from the craft supply store. The paint brand I got was DecoArt Americana (acrylic paint).

Here are the colors I got:

– Natural Buff

– Coral Cloud

– Sage Mint

– Blush Pink

– Cinnamon Stick

I also bought a metallic gold paint (DecoArt Dazzling Metallics in Emperor’s Gold) because the skulls I got had raised spiders on them and I wanted those to stand out.

This is the easiest craft ever! I painted each skull a different color (some needed touch-ups because the white was showing through). Then, I painted the gold spiders.

Then, I simply put a tea light in each one. I have arranged them all in a line sometimes, but have also put single skulls in different rooms.

All lit up!

They turned out so cute! You could do something similar with a variety of different ceramic items, or even plastic items (such as those little candy buckets).

What kinds of Halloween crafts are you making?

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