A Review: Apple Airtag.

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When Apple AirTags launched, I didn’t see the need for them. I don’t have trouble keeping track of my belongings, and I get annoyed by setting up technology.

So, I didn’t buy any and never thought of them again.

Until The Points Guy (IYKYK) mentioned them as a way to survive crazy travel times.

If you’re not familiar, this summer was CRAZY for traveling. Some airports even shut down because they couldn’t keep up with the number of travelers.

Many people complained of losing their luggage and their airlines’ inability to locate it.

For years, I have always checked my luggage — even if it’s just a tiny bag. I hate dealing with my suitcase, and the idea of putting it through TSA is a nightmare.

But I obviously don’t want to lose my luggage!

So, The Points Guy’s suggestion was Apple AirTag. He put one tag in each of his checked bags. If the bag were to get lost, he could show the airline the exact coordinates of his luggage.

I bought an AirTag right away.

I was worried I wouldn’t know how to set it up, but like every other Apple product, it was very simple.

When the AirTag arrived, I linked it via Bluetooth with my iPhone. The tracking information comes up in the “Find My” app. The battery on the AirTag lasts about one year, and it always stays on.

You can label the tag based on what you’re using it for. I labeled mine as “luggage.”

Once it was connected, I slipped the tag into my suitcase.

I had a trip to take in just a few days, but I was NOT planning on checking my bag this time. I wanted to try not checking my bag, and I also wanted to test out the AirTag.

Everything was fine as I made my way to my destination. When I dropped my bag off at my hotel and went on my way, I quickly got an alert saying my bag was “left behind” and gave me the address.

Obviously, the bag wasn’t left behind, but it was no longer near me. Amazing!

On my flight home, I was forced to check my bag. Well, no worries because my AirTag was safely inside! I checked on it while I waited to board my plane and could see it moving toward my plane and eventually underneath.

When I went on my retreat, a few different people had to handle my luggage, and I had a scare about it being lost. No worries, though, because I could always see exactly where it was thanks to the AirTag!

I love this Apple product and would definitely recommend it if you’re someone who needs to keep track of things!

If you’re not an Apple user, Tile Mate is a solid alternative.

Do you use any sort of tracking device?

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