Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Washington’.

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and you guys, the days off just can’t come fast enough. It’s been a rough month between work, writing an entire book for #NaNoWriMo, and trying to get back to some sort of fitness routine… I’m exhausted.

So, I’m really grateful for a lot of things this year, but I’m especially thankful that I get time off this weekend. I know many people don’t (and I have been there, many years).

Meanwhile, I’ve been listening to “Washington: A Life” by Ron Chernow. It’s 42 hours if that gives you a sense of the amount of information that’s in this book!

This normally would not be a book I’d gravitate toward, but I read Chernow’s biography on Hamilton in 2019, and it was so interesting! So, when I was browsing the digital library for available audiobooks, I saw this and decided to go for it.

It took me two weeks to get through the whole thing, but I walked away knowing much more about George Washington than I did before listening to it.

This book covers Washington’s entire life, not just his presidency. In fact, his time as president seemed like such a small part of his life compared to his work in the Revolutionary War and at the Constitutional Convention.

My impression of Washington after listening to this is that he was very noble and dignified, which lent itself to him being a respected leader pretty much everywhere he went, even in his last moments of life.

If you have even the smallest interest in Washington, American history, or the founding fathers, I’d definitely recommend this one. Ron Chernow has a gift for storytelling, even when there’s loads of research to organize. It’s very impressive!

What are you all reading right now?

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