creative + eco-friendly gift wrap ideas.

Instead of hosting Christmas this year, I’m mailing ALL my gifts. It’s been that kind of year, so I wanted to make the gifts extra special, and that includes the wrapping and the trimmings.

So, I went in search of really cute wrapping paper, and then I found all sorts of cool ideas for wrapping gifts that I thought you all might like!

Pretty Wrapping Paper

I started my search for creative, cute paper on Etsy (in an effort shop small and support a female entrepreneur) and I found so many great options.

I bought three different designs from Ruby Stripe — they have a vintage holiday look with red and pink hues… I love it! But, here are some other shops worth checking out:

Rifle Paper Company also has some very cute designs, including holiday lights, winter berries, tree farm, and nutcracker paper sheets.

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

I am always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, and there are ways to do it even when exchanging gifts. For starters, I stumbled upon this metallic recycled wrapping paper. I also found this sustainable paper from Hallmark.

But, you can also use items other than paper to wrap your gifts, such as a scarf. You can use a winter scarf, a bandana, a silky scarf… regardless, it’s like giving two gifts in one!

I also found this Furoshiki holiday wrapping cloth from Anthro (swear this post is NOT sponsored, I just was looking at ALL of their wrapping products). It looked so cool so I did some Googling and this is a really common way to wrap gifts. The receiver can then use the cloth to carry items (such as bread or a packed lunch), wear it, frame it, or use it the next time they wrap a gift.

If you search “Furoshiki wrapping cloth” on Etsy, you’ll find a ton of colors and holiday designs!

DIY Gift Wrap

Last year, I wrapped several of my gifts using the paper grocery bags from Trader Joe’s — they always have cute red and white designs printed on them! But, you can use any paper grocery bags or the brown paper that is often used as padding in shipments.

You can leave it plain, or you could decorate the paper with paints, markers, stickers… a fun, festive quarantine project.

I also noticed I had a small collection of canvas bags from shipments and realized I could decorate them and use them to put gifts in. You could also use reusable grocery bags or anything similar. Even if you don’t want to decorate it, it would look cute with just a bow or a nice ribbon.

Fun Ribbon

I couldn’t stop with just cute paper… and Anthro had such cute ribbon! I got some glitter ribbon, a pink frayed ribbon, blue velvet ribbon, and pom pom ribbon.

I’m sure you can get similar finds at a craft store, or on Etsy!

What are you doing this year to wrap your gifts?

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