Watching: ‘This is paris’.

I recently watched Paris Hilton’s documentary “This is Paris,” which premiered on YouTube last month. 

A few weeks before it came out, several news outlets did interviews with Paris, and I was really excited to watch it. 

I became a Paris Hilton fan a little late — I was really into “The Simple Life” and followed her after that. Admittedly, I am curious about any heir — it’s such a different world. 

But aside from the show, Paris Hilton was famous for “being famous” even though she quickly built a billion-dollar empire of about 20 businesses, from books and perfume to DJ gigs and accessories.

I think there’s a lot of times we see celebrities slap their names on products for a quick buck, but the documentary is proof that she’s got her hands full. It’s impressive. 

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. All of this to say that yeah, I was really curious to see this documentary. In the media teasers, they talked a little bit about a big secret she was going to reveal. What could it be? 

The documentary is about two hours long and the beginning of it covers her family, which includes interviews with her sister and her mom. Even this part of it revealed a lot that I didn’t know — such as, there was no Hilton money passed down to Paris’ father. 

There’s lots of talk about Paris’ romantic relationships and how she can’t trust anyone. And it shows her traveling to another country for work — by herself — she gets into bed alone and she says she’s scared to go to sleep. 

Why? Because she has nightmares every single night. Her nightmare is the same: that she’s being kidnapped. 

And that’s because her mom and dad staged a kidnapping with a correctional school. UMMMM WORST NIGHTMARE. 

Paris was taken from her bed and saw her parents just standing there watching. The “kidnappers” took her to a correctional facility. 

I couldn’t believe this. And later, when I listened to Claudia and Jackie discuss this on “The Morning Toast” they said that was common practice for those types of facilities (based on people they knew that had to go to them). 

WOW. I am telling you, it’s an entirely different world! 

Paris goes on to tell her stories about being in these facilities — she went to multiple — because her parents were trying to teach her a lesson about how to behave. 

But the school she talks most about is in Utah, and she says she was physically abused and put in solitary confinement, with no clothes on. Honestly, it sounded so terrifying and traumatic. 

I have no idea how she could even talk to her parents after that. Like, ever again. 

Once the details about the school are out, several of Paris’ classmates from these facilities are brought into the documentary and they tell similar stories. 

Now, Paris is using her platform to raise awareness about what happens at this particular school — and others — to hopefully get them shut down. 

It’s really a story I didn’t expect from Paris Hilton and I didn’t even know these kinds of places existed. 

I’d definitely recommend watching it, even if you’re not a huge fan of Paris Hilton. It was a really well-done documentary, and it’s amazing she didn’t shut everyone out after these experiences. 

Have you watched “This is Paris” yet? 

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