Making the case for the original cosmetic wedge.

I realized a few weeks ago — as I was reorganizing all of my makeup — that after all of these years, and after all of the different makeup applicators they’ve come up with, the original cosmetic wedge remains to be my holy grail of makeup tools.

The cosmetic wedge I’m talking about is white latex, is about a 2-inch wedge, and usually comes in a pack of 16 for under $2. You don’t have to get it wet before using it to apply makeup, and because they’re so cheap, you just toss them when it’s time for a clean one.

To me, the original cosmetic wedge is the best for applying and blending cream and liquid foundation, concealer, and even primers and setting powders.

I have come to love these wedges even more after trying allllllll of the other things out there. Let’s dive in:

The Beauty Blender

It seemed like when the Beauty Blender hit the scene, makeup junkies everywhere went nuts. The Beauty Blender is edgeless! It only applies the perfect amount of product!

Okaaayyyy, but it’s also $20, and because you have to wet it before use and then let is dry… it’s super dirty. It wasn’t before long that makeup YouTubers started finding bugs inside their Beauty Blenders; one found a bung, then started cutting it up and finding MORE bugs. Yuck!

I gave the Beauty Blender a try and it was okay, but I felt it wasn’t depositing the product correctly onto my skin. It’s a no for me.

The Silicon Applicator

I got a few of Milk’s Dab + Blend applicators in my Birchbox over the years. One is a standard size silicon applicator and I also got a mini one for really detailed blending. They are clear with glitter… y’all, I WANTED to like these!

They are poreless, so they don’t steal any of your makeup and you can rinse them off daily with not much drying time. But as many times as I tried these things… I felt like they just kept smearing my foundation everywhere.

When I looked at the reviews on their website, they were mixed. Some people said they preferred using it for applying face masks and gel cheek tint.

The Morphe Sponge

After watching one of Manny MUA’s videos where he was obsessing over Morphe’s Highlighting and contour sponge, I bought it. It’s $8 and has a round teardrop shape like the Beauty Blender, but it has a flat side and a wide edge for contouring.

The first few times I used it, I liked it ok. You do have to get it wet, but I tried to keep it DAMP, thinking that was my problem with the Beauty Blender. But after using it only a few times, the wide edge started to deteriorate, so it’s not straight anymore. Meh.

Don’t worry, I still love Manny MUA and trust his makeup expertise! (Xoxo, Manny!)

Foundation Brushes

I’ve tried many foundation brushes over the years and of course, some work and some don’t. Traditional, flat brushes (the ones that look like actual paint brushes) don’t do well with blending, but soft rounder brushes (recently, I tried the Morphe foundation brush) do a better job. I think brushes work best for powder foundations.

Until a product comes along that beats the original cosmetic wedge… I’m sticking to this drugstore bestseller 🙂 What do you use?

This beauty review is not sponsored — nor are any of the reviews on this blog. I am a beauty and skincare junkie and enjoy sharing the products I love right here! For more reviews and similar posts, please subscribe to the blog by clicking subscribe on the right side of your screen. Cheers!

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