Watching: ‘Current Mood’.

It’s Sunday morning, and I feel like I’ve had a very sleepy weekend, without meaning to! I went to bed early Friday night (around 11:30) thinking I’d wake up early on Saturday and get things done… I woke up after 11. Whoops!

I stayed out late Saturday night and had a few glasses of wine, and that’s probably enough to keep me on the couch today. But that’s alright – I’m enjoying seeing all of the snow pictures on Instagram and on the news (there’s no snow in Austin).

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all what I’ve been watching on Sunday nights: “Current Mood”. If you haven’t heard of it… which I feel is likely, “Current Mood” is John Mayer’s talk show, that airs on Instagram live each week.

I stumbled across it a few months ago, and it was pretty informal, but definitely funny. Since then, though, he’s built a set in his house (which includes a wall of stuffed animals), and invites friends in for a live studio audience.

Sometimes, he hosts a guest – he’s had Alec Benjamin, David Spade, Bob Saget, and Halsey (these are just the ones I’ve seen).

He also has a few regular segments that are comical, including one where he lists things he did during the week or during the show that he’s going to beat himself up over.

But I think the best part of the show is that Mayer finally gets an outlet to showcase his unique personality. Yes, I’m a huge fan of his, but I swear I’m not just saying that. He’s got a very interesting mix of wit, but he’s also very introspective and he thinks about things (sometimes too much)… but mostly it results in deep thoughts and good interview questions.

I think he’s learned a lot over the years, particularly about the things he’s said, and the image he’s earned. He’s since deleted Twitter and quit drinking, and I think he’s better for it.

One thing that’s cool about the guests on the show is that it shows a different side (of the guests). When David Spade was on, I realized it had been SO long since I’ve seen him and I forgot how funny he was. Plus, his improv/conversational humor was impressive.

His show also introduced me to Alec Benjamin – an acoustic musician – he performed on the show, and I’ve been listening to him ever since. Don’t worry, I’ve got another blog post coming solely about him.

When Halsey was a guest, they confronted all of the dating rumors right off the bat. Sometimes, he even takes questions from viewers, which got him to answer if he’s slept with more than 500 women. His response to this might not be what you’d expect!

The show is only about 30 minutes long, and starts around 10 pm CST. It hasn’t been on in a few weeks because of the holidays, but hopefully it will be back this week!

I hope you guys have a great Sunday, wherever you are… and stay warm out there!

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