NYE: Give ’em lip.

Okay folks, it’s New Year’s Eve, and if you’ve been around The Bitter Lemon for a bit, you know I’m not too big on NYE festivities. I don’t exactly know why – I think the main thing that bothers me is that everyone is out to make it the #BestNightEver …and then it just ends up in total disaster.

Because of this, I usually spend NYE at home, by myself, with a giant box of Kung Po Chicken, watching some TV marathon in the comfort of my sweats and slippers. But, this year, I am venturing out (it took some coaxing, believe me) and celebrating with other people. Can you believe it?

I hate to admit it, but there’s no way I’d be doing this if there wasn’t a cute guy involved. So this year, it’s all about that midnight kiss, and I’m obsessing over getting my lips ready for the perfect pout!

Here’s how I’m making it happen:

Best lip scrub!
Best lip scrub!

I’m starting off with a clean slate, using Bliss’ Fabulips, which includes a lip wash (it foams up and everything), followed by a lip scrub, a lip plumper, and a lip balm.

I bought this kit almost two years ago, and have barely made a dent in it. It’s seriously good stuff, especially during the winter months when you get dry lips. You definitely do not want that for The Kiss, or even if you’re just trying to sport a bold lip color.

Which brings me to my next point: color. I feel like people are going BOLD lately… and I like it. I kept seeing some really great reds and plums on Instagram (follow me @OrangeJulius7) and, wanting to mimic that look for New Year’s, I went on a hunt for some great shades.

I randomly caught a sale on NYC lip products and bought a lip primer (City Proof Twistable Perfecting Lip Primer), a plum lip crayon (which has a glossy texture) in “Gramercy Park Plum“, a plum lipstick in “Berry Me” and a nice, classic red lipstick called “Red Rapture” — this is the one I’m planning on wearing.

I immediately went home and tried the plum crayon, topped with the plum lipstick. While it looked okay, I could already notice two things: 1. I rarely wear lipstick, so it wasn’t applied very well, and 2. At any given second, it was going to start bleeding outside of my natural lip line. Big no-no. So, I got online and purchased a nude lipliner from Melaleuca (here’s a similar one from NYX).

Now, it’s been a few weeks since all that happened, so I think I’ve got this whole bold lip routine DOWN. But before I go into the “how”, I’ll let you know that it’s not exactly easy, and after you finish it, you’re not going to want to run off and kiss anything or anyone in fear of messing it up. But that is something I’m just going to have to deal with come midnight, right?

Okay, so after you’ve got your lips scrubbed and clean, make sure they are completely dry. Next, apply some powder to your lips. Sounds funny, but this is what’s going to make the lipstick really stay put. I use a translucent highlighting powder (that I also apply on my cheekbones), but you could also try a setting powder.

Next, line your lips with the nude pencil. This is going to create a little barrier that tells the lipstick where it must stay! Now, apply the lipstick working from the center, outward. Blot and fill where necessary.

Then, using a lip brush or your ring finger, apply the same powder (or HD Powder) to your lips and apply another layer of lipstick. Finally, use concealer to clean up any areas around the lip. If necessary, use a Q-tip and eye makeup remover.

Ta-Da! Now you’re ready to hit the party — or wherever you’re heading off to tonight! Tip: if you can subtly do it, my mom said to lick the rim of your champagne glass before taking that first sip. Supposedly, it’ll keep your lipstick from rubbing off onto the glass.

Cheers to ringing in 2016 in complete style, and I hope you’re all kissing someone fine as hell tonight! See you right back here on Monday, folks!

All the lipsticks!
All the lipsticks!

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