Fresh Friday: Hello.

A new fresh fragrance.
A new fresh fragrance.

Nope, not talking about the Adele song (dare I say it, but I don’t think it’s that great…).

Now that I’ve chased off all the readers, it’s freaking Friday, and I feel like Christmas is right around the corner, and I put up my Christmas tree last night, and even hung the stockings with care. Santa, we are ready over here, bring your sleigh on by!

I actually already got one Christmas gift, from my very favorite guy Justin Bieber! He’s been getting me gifts for the last few years as a thank-you for being such a big fan. But this year, he signed the card, “To my girlfriend…” And he got me a new subscription to Birchbox!

That Justin…so sweet. Anyway, in my first JB Birchbox, I got a sample of Harvey Prince’s “Hello.” And I must say, I have really enjoyed all of Harvey Prince’s perfumes. They are in general, light and soft, but I just love them.

Hello has notes of Meyer Lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, forsythia, and plumeria. That plumeria reminds me of Bath & Body Works, with a freshness from the lemon and grapefruit. It’s fantastic!

I’ve got a packed weekend that I’m looking forward to, so feel free to check it out on SnapChat @OrangeJulius7 — I’d love to see what you’re up to, too! See you Monday!

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