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You guys, it’s Christmas!

I need all of my presents to look like this.

Okay, so not quite yet but it’s almost here – and man, I feel like it creeped up on me this year even despite the early arrival of Thanksgiving. Oh well!

Tomorrow is my LAST day of work in 2017 and I could not be more ready. Y’all, I’m exhausted. I am looking forward to some much-needed sleep and relaxation and self care for the remainder of the year.

A few weeks ago, I was editing a book for someone and she wrote in said book that traditions are often things people don’t want to do, but it’s an easy way to force people to partake. Like, well… it’s tradition.

I suppose so, but I like all of my traditions. They are small, such as, waiting until Christmas morning to open all gifts (always starting with the stockings first). There are always nuts and an orange in our stockings (a tradition my mom’s family has always practiced), aside from small gifts. It has slowly become a tradition for my mom and I to make a stew on Christmas Day, too.

I’ve spent the last two Christmases in Austin and I’m looking forward to a third! I’ve got all sorts of things planned: Mozart’s, the American Girl pop-up shop (!), the state history museum, Miracle on 5th @ Eleanor’s, the gingerbread village @ The Four Seasons, pedicures, and of course, lots and lots of Christmas movie watching! I even got supplies to make apple cinnamon rolls, from scratch (send prayers)!

Once Christmas is over though… it’s me and the couch for a solid six days. I’m not going to get into it here, but I need a break. Some real rest.

Not to mention my AT&T U-Verse receiver is half-working and AT&T said I have 10 days to watch all 100 hours of precious recordings and toss it (they sent me a new one), so it’s absolutely necessary for me to be glued to my TV until 2018.

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday! I’ll be posting a few more times before the year is over, but just in case you don’t stop by beforehand – Merry Christmas (ya filthy animal)… and a Happy New Year!


Why I’m not cutting my cable.

Nope, not getting rid of these gems.

Nope, not getting rid of these gems.

“Cutting cable” became a thing in 2011, but reached an all-time high last year. That all-time high being 6 percent, according to a Magid survey. Why only 6 percent? Because cable is fucking awesome.

I actually know a lot of people who’ve cut their cable and I’m always so shocked to hear it, because for me, that would be like getting rid of my entire apartment. Everyone I know that has cut their cable has swapped it for things to help them still watch shows – they’ve increased their internet speed, invested in Apple TV or a Chromecast.

And before I go any further, I’ll say that if you’re a cable cutter – good for you. Seriously. I haven’t cut my cable, and I’m not going to, for many reasons that I’ll explain here.

  1. I watch a lot of TV. Remember when you were a kid and people would say that watching TV would rot your brain? Heh, whatever. I have always loved watching TV, and I’m pretty sure I’m currently at the height of this love affair. There are so many good shows on that make me happy, and at the end of the day, if I want to just turn on “The Daily Show”, then by God I will! Plus, I’m an aspiring TV writer and critic, so I do consider watching TV to be about 20% research for a possible (very unlikely) future job, or maybe just something to dream about. That’s the power of television, folks.
  2. Cable is convenient. All I have to do to watch TV is turn it on. I don’t have to hook up all these extra gadgets or use an app or wait a week (or even a day) to watch the things I want to see. Right now, I have 300+ channels, two DVRs, and full-access HBO. And the price is $50 more than what I was paying for basic cable without a DVR. I do use an app so I can record things right from my phone in case I forgot to set it at home, but other than that, I keep things simple. I have no clue how to use all of these other boxes and modems and apps, and maybe if I had a handyman, I’d use them.
  3. I use internet for internet things. I use my internet for my blog, to reserve library books, and to check Twitter and my email. I don’t use it to stream TV shows or movies – and because of that, my internet is pretty cheap. If I cut cable and used apps, I’d have to up my internet, and then you start getting into what’s actually worth the investment?
  4. There’s things you can’t get from apps, plugins, subscriptions, etc. Often times, you can’t watch live events like the Super Bowl or the Grammy’s when you don’t have cable. You have to wait until the next day, or perhaps just not watch at all. Although most cable networks, like ABC or NBC, have apps for their shows, some don’t – many shows like those on Bravo or E!, aren’t accessible outside of cable… and I fucking LOVE Bravo.
  5. Everyone spends their money on different things. I think cutting cable is a great idea if you’re looking to put your money toward something else – travel, family, a house, fine dining – whatever you fancy. For me, I love pop culture. Watching TV is my way to keep up with what’s happening, and in some sense, see a world I may not otherwise see. I figure as long as I still keep up with my job, my side hustle, reading my 1 book a week, and hitting the dance studio, TV isn’t taking over my life. But everyone spends their money and time on different things, and for me, TV is a very small investment into my happiness. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

So, there! I’m keeping my cable for as long as I love it. Are you a cable cutter? I’d love to hear what benefits you’ve gotten from getting rid of the stuff: more money for travel or more time for tackling something you’ve always wanted to. Let’s hear it!