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Saying goodbye to ‘Girls’.

Saying goodbye to one of my favorite shows!

While most of America was gorging on honey ham and chocolate bunnies, I was waiting for the series finale of HBO’s “Girls”. Don’t worry, I whipped up stuffed shells with butternut squash sauce and some crescent rolls for the occasion.

I know “Girls” took a lot of shit – for making millenials look bad; for highlighting self-absorbed characters; for a lack of diversity; and well, often because of Lena Dunham. But I really, really liked this show.

Let’s be clear: it is/was not “Sex and the City”. Instead, it was the story of a group of friends living in New York city, post-college. It involved shitty boyfriends (and husbands), crap jobs, Brooklyn apartments, and the underlying sting of figuring out how to navigate life.

Before the final episode aired, I was a little nervous! But the episode flew by and it was a little surreal. Basically, it was a look into life after Hannah gives birth – 5 months later.

Soo… she actually named her baby Grover, which I was surprised by, and Marnie moved in with her to help with the baby. Naturally, they’re getting on each other’s nerves, and Marney is still navigating how to properly be single.

I was sad to see that the only characters in this episode were Hannah, Marnie, and Hannah’s mom. We were left with the same questions we started with this season: What would happen with Shosh? Did she actually get married? Would Desi ever get clean? What about Hannah’s dad? And Adam – he’s going to stay with HER?

The end just didn’t seem to fit for me, and I know I’m not alone because Twitter.

Everyone was saying last week’s episode was the real finale, which was probably true. All of the ladies found themselves at Shosh’s engagement party, and basically decided they weren’t meant to be in a room together.

Nonetheless Hannah and Jessa ended up dancing the night away, judgment-free.

Regardless, the finale tied a bow on the six seasons we’ve come to love. Hannah grew up and is somehow raising a child without the help of a man. Her mom has found peace, and Marnie, well, she’s learning to find her own way.

No, it’s not an ending that answers our questions, but truthfully, this season was for the books. I’m sad to see this show go – the reason I got HBO in the first place – but I know it was time.

Farewell, “Girls”!


‘Insecure’: Broken as F**k.

The season finale of 'Insecure'!

The season finale of ‘Insecure’!

Monday is baaaack! Omigosh, I hope you all really had a fun and delicious holiday weekend. I was so excited for Thursday to come, and I got up early, watched the parade, made a pie, and drank my weight in champagne-based cocktails. And then by the time Friday was here, I was feeling all sorts of pressure to make the weekend productive, and fun, and relaxing all at once, and I nearly had an anxiety attack. Does this happen to anyone else, or just me?

Anyway, it ended up being a great weekend – and it was fun, productive, and relaxing. Mission accomplished. Although the idea of a five-day work week is a little intimidating after a four-day weekend, I know it’s possible, and sorry not sorry, but I’m just gonna go ‘head and start that countdown until “Christmas Break”, okay?

But in the meantime, we’ve got Sunday night TV to hold us over. And last night, it was the bittersweet season finale of HBO’s “Insecure”. After last week’s episode, I was REALLY curious to see how the writers were going to wrap this one up, while keeping some sort of suspense for season two.

So, let’s get into it!

At the start of the episode, we find Issa doing what (I think) we all do post-breakup. Moping, on the couch, surfing Facebook, and embarrassing ourselves calling the ex too many times. After a few days, she stops by his new office and he gets pissed, and tells her not to call him anymore because he is DONE.

So, Issa heads to Malibu with her girlfriends for Kelly’s birthday. Molly is obviously still mad and is pretty cold for the majority of the trip despite Issa’s efforts to make her laugh and, at the very least, break the ice.

Molly is still hurt from what Issa said about her habits with men, and plays right into it when they’re all out dancing, and she’s making out with a random guy on the dancefloor, and ends up sleeping with him that night.

At this point, we’re 26 minutes into a 30-minute show and it’s looking like there’s no way Issa is going to have a happy ending. But at about that moment, one of the girls calls Issa out and tells her to stop acting like she has a boyfriend when she doesn’t, and know the group knows that they brokeup.

Just then, Lawrence calls Issa from the strip club where he nearly paid to sleep with a stripper. But instead, he calls Issa and tells her he misses her, and maybe they should talk. He throws in the thought that he hates sleeping at Chad’s.

Issa tells him she will be gone until Monday, so if he needs a place to stay he can go to the apartment. He says okay, and they hang up.

Issa immediately tells the ladies she has to go home because Lawrence wants to talk. None of them agree to go or to take her, but Molly comes through with the keys, and the two are heading home. Molly admits to Issa that she’s right, she is a mess, and Issa admits she’s got some work to do, too.

Issa gets home, and see’s Lawrence’s keys on the counter, but as she’s walking through the apartment, he doesn’t appear to be home. This is where it got a little fuzzy for me… it shows his Best Buy shirt hanging on the door, but perhaps he came and got his other belongings from the apartment before she got there?

Because the next scene, he’s at Tasha’s (the bank teller) apartment having wild sex with her. Like no holds.

And bam, Issa and Molly are outside on the bouch with a bottle of wine.


As tough as this scene was to watch, it’s the realest ending they could have crafted. I almost thought Issa was going to end up with Molly and Lawrence back and it would have seemed too good to be true.

So, now we have to wait until season two. And I have a feeling it’s going to be a loooong wait, because that was such a good show!

Whew! So, even though “Insecure” is over for now, I hope you weren’t thinking that Sunday night TV recaps were coming to a close. Leave it to me to find something else to recap and feature it right here, on Mondays. What will we be recapping next? But of course, “Mariah’s World” on E!, which premiers Sunday, December 4 (perfect timing) at 9pm EST.

I have SO many questions about how this “8-Part Event” is going to play out, including all of the parts that focus on her now-ex. Will they be edited out or kept in; I find it hard to believe Mariah would let them stay. But only time will tell, and I cannot wait to see. Next Sunday!

‘Insecure’: Real as F**k.

There's only ONE episode left!

There’s only ONE episode left!

Happy Thanksgiving week! I’m hoping, for your sake, that you’re reading this from the comforts of your bed, a plane, a train, or perhaps your childhood home as you’re gearing up to celebrate the tastiest of holidays. I will be at the office this week, until the end of business on Wednesday, anyway. However, The Bitter Lemon will still be serving up fresh content just for you, ALL week, just in case you need a getaway from it all!

While I am pretty much never excited for Monday’s arrival, I do love me some Sunday night TV. We are just two episodes out from the season finale of HBO’s “Insecure”, and it could not be more bittersweet.

Will Issa’s lie blow up in her face in front of Daniel, Lawrence, Molly, AND all of her coworkers and kids in tonight’s episode? Will Lawrence leave her for the job in Santa Monica at the season’s end? How will HBO leave us hanging in anticipation for season two (which was confirmed by HBO last week)?

1014500_thanksgiving_associates_300x250Let’s get into it!

At the start of the episode, Issa is shopping for a dress for her office fundraiser with Molly. Molly seems shocked that Issa even cares – but it seems Issa has taken on a new attitude, “Give all the fucks” instead of none.

She claims she wants to work/care for her man, and her job. Molly seems skeptical.

Later, Molly runs into an old friend from school. It seems as if this friend didn’t have it all together back in the day, but now she’s all cleaned up. The friend says she can thank therapy, and it’s obvious Molly’s wheels are turning.

When she tells Issa about it, Issa says maybe therapy wouldn’t be a bad idea, just to have someone to talk to. Molly seems pretty pissed by this idea, and confirms that she does NOT need therapy.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is on his interview for the tech job, and he appears to be nailing it, so much so, that he gets a job offer right on the spot. He comes home and tells Issa, and she is really excited for him. He seems excited too, until he starts telling her that his app was already ahead of the company’s that he got the job for. So, maybe he should ditch the job and continue working on his app.

Issa is obviously deflated by this idea, and tells him he can always keep working on the app on the side. While Lawrence verbally agrees, it sort of appears he feels Issa is not fully supportive of his dreams.

At the fundraiser, Issa looks great, and so does Lawrence, and just as he’s announcing to her coworkers about his new job, Issa sees Daniel walk in. Molly runs to him to see if she can diffuse the situation. Daniel assures her he’s there “for the kids”.

When Issa confronts him, he wants to know why she tossed him to the side; didn’t their night together mean something? “You were just an itch I needed to scratch,” she tells him. Ouch. And with that, he walks out of the fundraiser and runs into Lawrence while waiting on the valet. Although the two don’t speak much, it’s obvious Lawrence knows something happened between him and Issa.

Inside the party, one of Issa’s coworkers offers to buy Molly a drink and she rudely shuts him down, sending Issa into a tizzy. The two get into a pretty brutal argument, putting it all out there: that Molly can’t get a guy because she’s too picky, and that Issa doesn’t even deserve Lawrence. Molly storms off, with a giant “Fuck you, Issa”, and ends up on Jared’s doorstep AGAIN. Only this time, he slams the door in her face.

Issa’s boss is pleased with her work and sends her home with a bottle of champagne. But when she walks in the door, Lawrence immediately asks her who Daniel is and if she fucked him. When she is slow to respond, the fight breaks out, leaving Lawrence storming out of the apartment and Issa, alone.

END OF EPISODE! Next week is the finale! Although I hated to see this week’s episode end this way, it’s the only way it could end. Issa wasn’t going to get away with what she did, and honestly, such is life, right? Just when you think everything is on the up-and-up, something falls in the shitter. And I cannot wait to see how this season wraps up!

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Episodes 5: ‘Divorce’ & ‘Insecure’.

Francis and Robert... sitting in a tree?

Francis and Robert… sitting in a tree?

Good morning! I definitely stayed up writing this entire post last night, and scheduled it to publish, and when I woke up, I see that it published with no words or phots… so there’s the wonder of technology on this Monday morning!

I spent most of my weekend at dance rehearsal, as I performed in two showcases yesterday evening. I have the day off work, and I’m really glad I planned for it, because my legs are so sore! But, more on that later this week. For now, I’ll try and write what I recall from my usual Sunday night TV binge (given that I’ve already erased the episodes from my DVR).

If you recall, last week I said I was giving HBO’s “Divorce” one final episode before I stopped watching it, and that episode was last night’s.

When the episode opens, Robert is hiring a divorce attorney. The guy seems like a complete idiot, but still costs an arm and a leg, and only accepts cash. Robert obliges, and later, the attorney calls the house and Francis answers – a rather awkward conversation follows,  but nonetheless, now Francis knows Robert hired an attorney.

She immediately calls Robert, upset that he is no longer agreeing to mediation. So, she goes out and finds herself an attorney as well – only this guy has a reputation that precedes him. Apparently, she’s going to win this thing, despite her affair, and also admitting to deleting episodes of Robert’s favorite shows on the DVR (pure evil).

Later, Francis finally gets the keys to her art gallery and the realtor tells her all the things it’s been before, kind of making it seem like businesses in that area/building haven’t succeeded. Francis seems like she’s starting to feel a bit of buyer’s remorse on the place, but it’s too late now.

That night, Francis and some of her girlfriends head out to an art opening. Francis meets one of her favorite artists, and at first, it seems they are hitting it off and that something might spark. But then, the artist says something to another guy and they end up punching each other in all all out brawl, and ending the night early. Awkward.

Meanwhile, Robert is out with Nick, who is fully recovered from his heart attack. Robert pulls out his laptop and shows Nick his ideas for “Fun Space” – one of those places that has all the trampolines. Robert is convinced that this should be his next investment, although nick isn’t so sure.

At the end of the night, Robert fires his attorney and also his accountant in a fit of rage. Simultaneously, Francis’ friends tell her she’s probably not going to get custody of her dog. And that’s the end of the episode. Not impressed. Even the previews for next week look like the same old thing. Is anyone else giving up on this show? I wanted to like it! But I’m just not seeing it go anywhere – why did Robert and Francis get together in the first place? It seems like they’ve hated each other for awhile, so I’d love to know the backstory. Someone let me know if that episode ever happens.

Heeey girl...

Heeey girl…

Afterward, on “Insecure” the story is moving right along. Isa is really concerned about the fact that all of the students found the video of her at the open mic night. She apologizes to the teachers at the school and promises she’ll make it right.

This means she goes to Molly’s office and asks her to help her sue whoever recorded and posted the video, since it was done so without her consent. Molly agrees to help and ends up calling her former date – the “Enterprise” guy. He’s happy to hear from her, but seems a little pissed when he finds out why she’s calling.

He was at the open mic night, but isn’t sure who recorded the video. He says he’ll talk to his brother and get back to her. Molly has a new man in the scene, Mike, who seems to really like her, and vis versa. She invites him to come to her coworker’s engagement party that night and he tells her he will see her then.

Later, as she’s getting ready, she texts him to see if he’s coming to pick her up. He tells her he will just see her at the party. She knows this is a bad sign, but heads to the party, where he shows up and tells her coworkers that he’s her boyfriend. Everyone seems impressed, but when Molly pulls him away and asks if he was serious about that title, he says “Of course not”, that he was just doing her a favor by impressing her friends. She’s embarrassed and asks him to leave.

Meanwhile, Daniel is determined to help Isa recover from the leaked video. He invites her to hangout at his studio, but when she gets inside, it’s dark, there’s one guy in the booth (who sounds pretty terrible), and everyone else is sitting around drunk and/or high. Isa seems uncomfortable, until everyone leaves and Daniel asks her to get in the booth.

She records a bit of a song, and Daniel seems impressed. He asks her why she didn’t give him a chance before; she explains herself, and they laugh, but sort of agree maybe there would have been something there. They kiss, and Isa stops it, at first… until things get heated, REAL quick.

Afterward, Isa has another scene looking in the bathroom mirror. You can tell she feels guilty, and she sees what looks to be a woman’s bar of soap in the bathroom, and she quickly leaves.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is working a shift at Best Buy when his lil friend from the bank arrives, wearing a very revealing top. She invites him out for drinks and he quickly reminds her that he has a girlfriend. She seems embarrassed and quickly leaves.

I’ve been listening to a podcast, “InsecuriTEA” that recaps the show, and the two hostesses predicted either Isa would cheat or Lawrence would, and I’m glad it wasn’t Lawrence. I really want him to be a good guy, and it seems he’s really trying, even when Isa’s not around.

The question now becomes, will Isa tell Lawrence about her little affair? We will see in next week’s episode!

Espisodes 4: ‘Divorce’ & ‘Insecure’.

Pretty Issa.

Pretty Issa.

Hola! Here we are, back at it again! This weekend was exactly what I needed: beautiful weather, semi-productive activities, and lots of back porch relaxin’ and couch potato sittin’ – watching loads of TV. And that includes my Sunday night faves: “Divorce” and “Insecure” on HBO.

I usually talk “Divorce” first, simply because it comes on before “Insecure”, but I’m all about mixing things up lately. So, “Insecure” it is.

At the beginning of the episode, Issa is trying to spice things up with her boyfriend by hopping into the shower with him, but it naturally ends poorly. Molly has another subpar date, and we’re off to the races.

At work, Issa gets an unexpected visit from Daniel (the guy from Facebook a few episodes back). He tells her he doesn’t want things to be awkward between them, and she tells him she’s back with her boyfriend. After that, he’s pretty much done with the conversation.

Issa calls Molly to give her the scoop, and Issa blames this entire scenario on the typical law: as soon as things are looking up, an ex finds a reason to pop back into her life. At the end of the call, Molly admits she may not be able to make it to Issa’s work for “Career Day”.

Lawrence arrives at Best Buy for his first day on the job. While he’s told he’s doing a good job in the computer section, he’s asked to cover the washer/dryer section. He doesn’t seem too pleased with this idea, but goes anyway.

Back at work, Issa is helping plan Career Day, and finally starts to bond with one of her female coworkers. They bond over the frustrations of their job, and realize they still have slots to fill at Career Day. Her coworker suggests Daniel – since he works in music. Issa hesitates, but texts him anyway.

Molly is on another date that she seems to be blowing off, although he seems actually decent. They are at a jazz club and he invites her to dance, which makes for a cute scene.

Lawrence meets his old fling for lunch; the one he saw at the bank. It seems innocent although she’s a little flirty. He has his paperwork from Best Buy and he expresses his concern over the fact that it may not be a temporary job like he originally thought. She tells him to keep up his side project: the app.

At Career Day, Daniel shows up with a sound board and easily impresses all the kids. He lays a beat and invites the kids to freestyle, and one kid embarrasses himself. Daniel tells the kids Issa can spit. Of course, none of them believe her, and he says “Yeah, she actually inspired me”, and all the kids whooooo oohhhh!

She walks him outside, and I think there is this weird moment where she was impressed by him. Afterall, he’s got a great job that’s cool, and he was good with her kids. Later, she has a fantasy about Daniel with his shirt off (looking FINE) and Ty Dolla Sign – random, yes. And this just drives home the fact that Issa doesn’t seem to be attracted to Lawrence anymore.

Molly arrives and has lots of questions for Issa: why was Daniel there? Why didn’t she ask her boyfriend to come? And as Issa is leaving school, the kids have found a video of her now-infamous open mic night. She’s toooooast – and the episode is over.

I am still loving this show! I’d venture to say it’s the best thing on TV right now – and there’s even a podcast that recaps it call, called “InsecuriTEA”. Definitely worth a listen.

Alone, again.

Alone, again.

After last week’s episode, where Francis admitted to sleeping with her side-piece at least “32 times”, her and Robert are going through with the divorce. The episode opens with their first appointment at mediation, and despite being able to agree on that, it’s about the only thing they agree on.

Next step? Telling their kids they’re getting a divorce. Yikes.

Francis also hasn’t told anyone at work, until she’s forced to when she needs her pay stubs from the payroll department. She has an awkward breakdown in front of a random employee, and even admits to her affair. Awwwwkwaaard.

Francis and Robert take their kids out for ice cream to tell them about the divorce. But it ends up in an argument over how expensive the sundaes are – and the conversation never happens.

After missing a call from “J”, her former lover, Francis meets with him and tells him she no longer wants to see him and she doesn’t want them to hurt each other any longer. He agrees, and asks Francis if she will ask her husband to stop calling him.

J then shows Francis all of the texts, missed calls, pictures, and even videos Robert has sent him – they are threatening, and awkwardly hilarious.

Back at mediation, Robert is late so nothing can really get done… and the episode is over.

I’m going to be honest here – this show needs to pick it up. At this point, we (the viewers) have no clue why Robert and Francis got together in the first place. Frankly, they aren’t very likable people – and hey, there are characters that we shouldn’t like, i.e. Dexter, Nurse Jackie, etc. – but we find reasons to root for them.

And right now, there are no stakes; no reasons for us to cheer for Francis and Robert to stay together. What would save this season? A flashback episode that shows us some incredible backstory on how/why they got together – and flash forward to current time, and something arises (a problem) that requires them to stay together in order to fix it.

Otherwise, we’re going to be watching six more episodes of mediocre bickering. It’s getting old.

HBO Sundays: ‘Divorce’ & ‘Insecure’.

This should be interesting!

This should be interesting!

Is anyone watching HBO on Sunday nights? Because it’s pretty much the best way to beat the Sunday blues – aside from straight up calling in sick on Monday, of course. Honestly, I had a fantastic weekend, but more on that another day, because I want to recap last night’s episode of “Divorce” and “Insecure”.

First up, “Divorce”.

After last week’s interesting pilot, this week’s episode starts of with Francis locked outside of her own home. Her daughter lets her in and she tries speaking with Robert, but he will only talk to her thru a door – with her on the front porch and him inside the house. Did I mention, there’s snow outside?

She apologizes for her affair, and insists she wants to fix things in their marriage. But her husband isn’t having it, and instead of letting her back inside, he puts a suitcase of her belongings outside. She asks her neighbor if she can use their phone, and they actually have a landline – seriously?!

Meanwhile, Francis’ real estate agent shows her a space for a gallery. Although it hasn’t been revealed what Francis does for work, it’s obvious this gallery would be a stray from that. She’s not sure it’s the right time to make a big purchase, for obvious reasons.

While visiting Nick (her best friend’s husband) at the hospital, Robert arrives and tells the group of ladies, along with Nick who is asleep, that he’s offended that everyone knew Francis was sleeping with Julien. The ladies try to explain they didn’t know details, but the scene is already quite chaotic.

Francis seems to be pretty concerned about what her children will hear from Robert, and what they will think – and it seems he’s already on the path to “make them hate” her, as he promised in the first episode.

At the end of the episode, Robert is searching Julien’s name online – and although it seems simple, the look on his face when he sees Julien’s picture is really sad.

Is anyone else watching this show? I know it got rough reviews after the pilot episode, but I’m enjoying it! I’m invested enough that I want to know if they can really make it work or if they will go their separate ways.

Living room goals...

Living room goals…

“Insecure” premiered last Sunday, and I have every intention of watching it and reporting on it THEN, but I totally got caught up in the debate aftermath, and still had to watch “Divorce” and “Chesapeake Shores”, AND write about it! So, I saved it until this weekend, and was able to watch last week’s and this week’s episode.

This show was highly anticipated, and snagged the Sunday slot right behind “Divorce”, though it has an incredibly different tone. “Insecure” was co-created and produced by its star, Issa Rae, and is the story of Issa (yes, herself), as she is in her late twenties, and struggling to fit in among her peers.

She’s in a committed, 5-year relationship with her live-in boyfriend, and is unsure of where the relationship is headed. She’s got similar questions about her career. Girl, story of my life (minus the boyfriend, of course)!

There are two things I love about this show so far: the importance of words, and the kick ass music.

Issa, who has a circle of black friends and family, places emphasis on her verbiage depending on who she’s catering to at the moment. With her coworkers being primarily white, she stays “aggressively passive” when it comes to street lingo, and performing as the “token black person” at her job.

And the music? It’s west coast hip-hop, and there’s lots of it. Even Issa does some rapping of her own that’s not too shabby.

In episode two, Issa has mended things with her best friend, and she apologizes again for her stint at the open mic night. Issa swears nothing happened with her old high school fling, and she is still unsure what the future holds for her and her boyfriend.

At the nail salon, Issa expresses interest in seeking other options – perhaps a dating app? Her friend shows her Tinder, Hinge, The League… but she says no matter what the app, all the guys want is sex (telllll meeee about it).

Issa relunctantly heads home to “deal with” her relationship… cut to Lawrence (her boyfriend) at the Rite Aid buying birthday supplies… and he sees Issa in the aisle. This does not end well, and she stays at her friend’s house another night.

At work, there’s a pep in Issa’s step as she’s wearing a spiffy suit borrowed from her friend. I don’t want to give it away entirely, but there is a scene with her coworker that’s very much worth watching…seriously. But a presentation she’s been preparing for, pretty much goes to shit at the hands of her office, and you can tell she feels low afterward.

Her friend heads out on a date with a guy she found on a dating app, and although things seem to go well at first, he turns out to be just like every other guy she’s met. Issa finally heads home to Lawrence, and when the episode comes to a close, it seems like things may be on the mend.

Chesapeake Shores: episode 8.

Dog + guitar + hot guy = winning photo.

Dog + guitar + hot guy = winning photo.

Y’all, next week is the finale – I can’t believe it! I’ve heard rumors that this show isn’t coming back, but I hope they’re wrong, because I’ve really enjoyed watching it.

But anyway, last night’s episode started off full of family drama. Everyone is stressed out and it’s obvious. Kevin seems to be recovering from his second injury, and Conner is still saucy as hell – I’m wondering what happened to the girl he met during the Bar exam?

Conner meets with Abby’s ex and they get into it regarding the investigation. “I need you to tell me the whole truth,” Conner tells him.

Jess is still seeing the cook from Sally’s, which is a little awkward for the other sister (I can honestly never remember her name).

Meanwhile, Trace stops by the bank to visit his dad, and things seem pretty serious. He tells Trace his loan was approved and he can open the bar. Trace isn’t very excited about it, because his dad basically gives to him as a favor. Trace declares that he does not need a handout.

“I’m not going to let you do to me what you did to mom,” Trace says.

And basically his dad tries to choke him. No lie, he throws him up against the wall, right in his office. YIKES.

Abby’s ex joins the gang for a family day of fun, and it goes over fairly well, until him and Abby exchange goodbyes. She gives him a good talking to over the insider trading, custody battle, and the investigation. Bam!

Back at the house, Abby’s dad is piiised over some business deal that – it sounds like – he is going to lose. Not sure what that’s about just yet.

Trace calls Abby and tells her he has a surprise for her, that he’s taking her dancing, and they’re calling it a date. Whaaaaaat?!?!

Meanwhile, Abby’s dad takes off in the family plane… and I feel like this could end in disaster. Especially since he starts gazing at a family photo just before takeoff.

Jess and Brie (that’s her name) finally meet and talk about the fact that they like the same guy. And it’s pretty awkward. Jess starts the conversation by acting as if she’s going to let go of him and let Brie talk to him since it’s obvious they like each other, but instead, Jess says she’s going to hire him to work as a chef at the B&B. Huh?

Trace takes Abby to the building that he’s going to turn into a dance/concert hall, and he tells her that it’s all thanks to her father for making it happen. Naturally, he flicks on the lights and it’s gorgeous, and he says he’s “waited 16 years for this”, and I want to die in jealousy.

They dance and they kiss… a lot. And it’s super sweet – le sigh!

…And then the episode ends, and they show previews for next week, which shows all sorts of happiness, and then someone needs an ambulance…

In other news, I looked into the music that’s featured on the show, and it turns out, most of it was written by Jesse Metcalfe himself! Color me impressed.

He is singing on the main theme song, and sings quite a few others throughout the season. Apparently, he wrote and sang on a Hallmark Channel movie, too! Pretty cool. Here’s one of the songs featured on the show:

I’m hoping you all have a great Monday – I know I’ve got a crazy week ahead, with dance rehearsals, and my blog class at UT starts its second semester this week! I am excited to meet all of my new students and share the experience of blogging that I love so much. Meanwhile, I’ve got lots of fun things planned for the blog this week, so I’ll see you back here tomorrow.