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Saying goodbye to ‘Girls’.

Saying goodbye to one of my favorite shows!

While most of America was gorging on honey ham and chocolate bunnies, I was waiting for the series finale of HBO’s “Girls”. Don’t worry, I whipped up stuffed shells with butternut squash sauce and some crescent rolls for the occasion.

I know “Girls” took a lot of shit – for making millenials look bad; for highlighting self-absorbed characters; for a lack of diversity; and well, often because of Lena Dunham. But I really, really liked this show.

Let’s be clear: it is/was not “Sex and the City”. Instead, it was the story of a group of friends living in New York city, post-college. It involved shitty boyfriends (and husbands), crap jobs, Brooklyn apartments, and the underlying sting of figuring out how to navigate life.

Before the final episode aired, I was a little nervous! But the episode flew by and it was a little surreal. Basically, it was a look into life after Hannah gives birth – 5 months later.

Soo… she actually named her baby Grover, which I was surprised by, and Marnie moved in with her to help with the baby. Naturally, they’re getting on each other’s nerves, and Marney is still navigating how to properly be single.

I was sad to see that the only characters in this episode were Hannah, Marnie, and Hannah’s mom. We were left with the same questions we started with this season: What would happen with Shosh? Did she actually get married? Would Desi ever get clean? What about Hannah’s dad? And Adam – he’s going to stay with HER?

The end just didn’t seem to fit for me, and I know I’m not alone because Twitter.

Everyone was saying last week’s episode was the real finale, which was probably true. All of the ladies found themselves at Shosh’s engagement party, and basically decided they weren’t meant to be in a room together.

Nonetheless Hannah and Jessa ended up dancing the night away, judgment-free.

Regardless, the finale tied a bow on the six seasons we’ve come to love. Hannah grew up and is somehow raising a child without the help of a man. Her mom has found peace, and Marnie, well, she’s learning to find her own way.

No, it’s not an ending that answers our questions, but truthfully, this season was for the books. I’m sad to see this show go – the reason I got HBO in the first place – but I know it was time.

Farewell, “Girls”!


If I could be any movie villain…

Crazy ass.

Crazy ass.

I’d be the fabulous poodle, Georgette, from Disney’s “Oliver and Company”.

From the looks of it, Georgette is beautiful, with Lily Ghalichi-esque lashes and a built-in blue fur stole to warm her slim shoulders. I’ve always loved performing, so her career as a prize-winning show dog is right up my alley.

As Jenny’s first pet, Georgette benefits from the wealth of the family – the bitch has a rotating bedroom for crying out loud! Speaking of bedrooms, Georgette is every mutt’s dream, and I’ll admit, I’d love to have the opportunity to have the pick of the pack.

She’s got a solo moment in the movie, singing a song that highlights her lavish lifestyle, and I can’t help but notice, she’s already got the perfect Real Housewives’ opening tagline: “Being perfect isn’t easy, but that’s me.”

But like any beautiful movie star, Georgette has had her fair share of struggle on the streets as a pound pet for the evil Sykes before striking it rich with Jenny and her family.

Naturally, she pulls herself up by her paws in a Karen Walker kind of way, and in the end, she works with the other animals to save Jenny.

And then there’s a song-and-dance number in the streets of New York, involving taxis and random instruments from STOMP. It’s fabulous, catchy, and I have always wanted my life to be a musical, so there’s that.

I’m not sure what it says about me that I’d choose to be a poodle, of all things, but at the very least, she eats from a golden bowl that’s got feet on it. #GOALS, folks.

In other news, we’re about halfway through this season of “GIRLS”…how are we liking it so far? Personally, I think this is one of the better seasons yet (pretty sure there is only one left after this one).


Honestly, I hate to admit this, but I just love Adam and Hannah together, so that part bothers me. I don’t like Fran, so I’ll be relieved if/when they breakup.

The whole Adam and Jessa thing? Totally saw that shit coming; I mean it makes sense, but I just don’t like Jessa. At all.

I am not a fan of Marnie either (who is?), but I LOVED last week’s episode with her walking through the streets sans shoes in a red, sequined jumpsuit. I feel like her little romp with Charlie is SO how relationships happen. You run into someone you never thought you’d even talk to again, and then your world is flipped upside down for the better, and then it’s smashed in a matter of 24 hours.

That scene with Desi in the stairwell though: “You’re going to get murdered, I’m sorry.” I was dying laughing.

I heard that Adam Driver isn’t doing another season, so they’re going to have to figure out a way to end his character. And obviously Marnie is probably going to move back in with Hannah, and Fran will most likely be booted. Shosh will come back from Japan, and she may or may not have to deal with her entrepreneurial ex.

Guess we’ll find out soon enough! I’m going out of town this weekend, so I won’t get to catch up on a lot of my shows, but I’ll tell you that I’m currently obsessing over: Intervention, The First 48, Castle, and reruns of Dexter. Got a show I should watch? Let me know!