Fresh Friday: Dior Addict 2.

Dior is so hard to resist, so I’m tickled they’ve got a scent called “Addict” — or formally, Dior Addict 2. As described by Amazon, “Dior Addict 2 was introduced in 2005 by the design house of Christian Dior. Free spirited, fresh and invigorating blend of verbena, with a heart that is a perfect blend […]


Fresh Friday: Hypnotic Poison.

Thank God it’s Friday, right? Well, it’s actually Fresh Friday ’round here, and today we’re profiling Dior’s Hypnotic Poison. I have always admired Dior fashion, but of course, have never been able to afford it — but I’ll enjoy the samplings of perfume while I’ve got them! Sephora describes Hypnotic Poison as, “Mysterious and mesmerizing, […]


Summer Lovin’.

Tomorrow marks the official start of summer, even though Baton Rouge has already been sitting in the 90-degree heat for awhile. When I lived in Indiana, I loved summer. Of course, I was in school, so that meant summers off from class, working shifts at the custard shop,  cool night drives on winding country roads, […]