blind date

Friends With Setups.

This is going to come out wrong, but I’ve been really lucky to have friends that don’t pressure me to be in a relationship. Of course, my friends are rooting for me – they hope that one day I’ll find Mr. Right, but until then, they’re cool with the solo me. There have been times […]


Blind dates: a thing or not?

Between cell phones, Google, and social media, I’m left to wonder: do people still go on blind dates? Even if you don’t know much about the person, aside from their name, there’s always that temptation to search them online, and casually stalk their posts or pictures, and analyze bits of information that probably create an […]


Throwback dating shows.

When I was in middle school, I remember watching lots of dating shows on TV. These shows weren’t quite like the ones on now, these were more like game shows… you know, “Bachelor number one, what is your dream date?!?” Bzzz! One of my favorites was a show called Bzzz! While I loved it, apparently not […]