Unfriending… IRL.

Almost two months ago, I let go of a friend that had been in my life for about four years. At the risk of getting into too many details, I’ll just say that something happened that didn’t feel right. It actually felt really wrong; it was a small instance, but it was one that made […]


Living Singlish!

I am so excited to share a new book with you guys today! I actually had the opportunity to read this a few months ago, as I worked with the author, Marne, to edit and polish the final product. Many of you know I do lots of editing on the side, and while I love […]


College crash course.

Today is the first day of college for many students – this is something most people probably don’t pay much attention to, but when you live in a college town, it’s all anyone talks about. It probably doesn’t help that I work with mostly college students. But, hearing my coworkers’ stories often reminds me of […]