The Most Haunted Places in San Francisco

If you are a lover of scary movies, creepy documentaries and ghost stories… today we have the ideal activities for you.

San Francisco has a wealth and breadth of choice when it comes to haunted houses and places, and in this fun travel post we will be looking at some of the most haunted places you can visit in this amazing city.

Whether you want a san francisco ghost hunt walking tour, a creepy lake or a haunted home, we have some great ideas for you this year for you and your friends to try.

Stow Lake

Located inside Golden Gate Park, this is a place which used to be incredibly popular with tourists for boating and walking in the summer sun. However, once the sun goes down for the night, the true eerie nature of this place really comes to the surface and shows us the real story. The ghost tale associated with this lake dates back over 100 years and it is a creepy one.

It states that one day a woman was walking through the grounds with a stroller, spoke on the phone and didn’t realise that the stroller had rolled into the lake. The lady spent her days asking people “have you seen my baby?”, and still does now.

Alcatraz Island

One of the most famous prisons in the world, Alcatraz is a surefire candidate for a creepy story or two. The prison when open was always plagued with riots and murders, and this bloodstained place is a big draw for the forces in the afterlife.

Many people who boost the prison today feel a cold rush of air from the moment they enter the grounds and people have seen many spirits roaming the grounds and popping up in dark corners. If you have a strong stomach this is definitely a good choice for a weekend visit.

Winchester House

Winchester house is a legend which is incredibly famous and most of us know the story. But if you don’t, here is a quick rundown.

Winchester house was built by Sarah Winchester after she inherited money from her father in law. Her father in law was the manufacturer of the Winchester rifle, and of course because of this rifle many people lost their lives.

Sarah built the house as a way to escape from the ghosts of those killed by the rifle as she believed they were coming after her. The house was made to confuse and elude the ghosts and therefore is full of secret rooms and passages, trap doors and many different traps. The house once had 200 rooms and was a project which Sarah never stopped working on, adding more and more to the home until her death in order to escape from the spirits who haunted her.

A trip to this haunted house can be a unique experience and you will be able to see first hand the lengths she went to in order to confuse and escape from the many ghosts who would have roamed the halls.