The Best Destinations For All-American Road Trips

When it comes to road tripping, most of the joy comes from the journey itself. But the excursion can be even more exhilarating if you decide on a fantastic destination or series of destinations to explore along the way. There are plenty of fantastic cities and national landmarks you could visit in the U.S., but that only makes it harder to choose which ones to see. If you need some inspiration then these are the best destinations for all-American road trips.

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas is an iconic destination to visit on a road trip. Given its proximity to the historic Route 66, it’s the perfect excuse to take a scenic and spectacular journey along the most famous road in America and witness some magnificent natural monuments along the way. In terms of the city itself, there’s so much to see and do. You should definitely check out famous buildings such as the Bellagio, and make sure you admire the water fountains outside. The Stratosphere Tower is worth visiting so that you can get a view of the city from a greater height too (and even jump off the top with a safety harness). If you’re road tripping then it’s worth heading to the Grand Canyon as it’s nearby too.

Houston, Texas.

There’s nothing quite like a classic Texan road trip. If you’re going to go anywhere in this fantastic state then it should be the city of Houston. This is a huge state which almost acts like an independent country in itself, so it can be hard to pick just one place to visit, but Houston is definitely one of the best destinations in this southern wonderland. Make sure you start by visiting the Johnson Space Center to see some fantastic exhibits and learn something about the endless expanse beyond earth. You might also want to look into charter bus rental in Houston. If you’re going to stop off at Houston for a little break from driving then you might want to switch things up with a different form of transport so that you and your buddies can continue the road-based adventure in the city.

L.A., California.

It’s well worth visiting Los Angeles if you want to go road tripping to a city that’s simultaneously one of the liveliest and most relaxing places in the country. There’s so much to see and do in L.A. that it’s hard to know where to begin. Make sure you head down to the iconic Venice and Santa Monica beaches first. Walking along the boardwalk is an experience in itself. You’ll see skaters demonstrating their talents at the skatepark and intriguing stalls lining the beaches. Make sure you head to downtown L.A. if you want to try out some of the fantastic dining options in the city too. Grand Central Marketplace is home to fantastic places such as Olio’s Pizzeria; you’ll get some delicious wood-fired pizza there. And, of course, a trip to L.A. is incomplete without visiting Hollywood. It’s intriguing to see behind the veil of this magical place. It’s a chaotic but intriguing part of the world. The Hollywood Hills are absolutely stunning, though; it’s well worth walking up there whilst you’re in the city.