Small steps to smoother skin

In the pursuit of beauty and youth, something which is more important than the makeup we wear and the hairstyle we choose is the health of our skin. If we want to stay looking youthful and healthy throughout the years of our life it is always a good idea for us to work on our skin and spend the time and money on keeping it healthy. Today we are going to look at some simple skincare steps you can take every day to ensure your skin is smooth and youthful throughout your life. 

Cleanse twice

The main thing we need to do to keep our skin smooth and healthy is to wash it often and wash it thoroughly to rid the skin of dirt, oils and anything which may cause a blockage to the pores. If you want to make sure your skin is the best it can be, it is always a good idea to use two cleansing methods. For example before you enter the shower you can use a cleansing oil to get rid of any oils or makeup on the skin, and then use a facial wash afterwards to rid the skin of any oil and make sure it is totally clean. This is something which is incredibly important and it can make a big impact on your skin. 


As well as cleansing the skin each day, something else you can do to keep the skin healthy is exfoliate it every few days. Our skin needs to be exfoliated now and again because this helps to get rid of dead skin cells and will also penetrate into the pores of the skin to clear out anything which may cause a blemish. It is a good idea to exfoliate every 2 days or so to keep the skin smooth and glowing. 


Moisturising the skin is hugely important to do and it is something which we can do every day to help hydrate your skin cells, improve elasticity, and make sure that our skin stays smooth and youthful looking for much longer. Our skin always needs moisture to stay young and plump, and you can use both a facial cream and an eye cream to make sure that the skin is able to glow as much as possible. 

Clear out the pores

Sometimes a facial scrub just isn’t quite enough, and once a month or so it can be a great idea to apply facial cleansing strips to the face which will pull out any oils and dead skin from the face as well as any blackheads which may have formed. This is a treatment which can be amazing every now and again and it will leave you with a smooth complexion and tight pores. 

Get treatments 

Now and again you can treat yourself, and a fun way to do this to keep the skin smooth is to go for a facial at a spa in your local area. There are lots of choices such as acid peels, dermaplaning treatment, massage and cleansers and all of these can leave your skin feeling smoother and clearer.