Planning the Ultimate Road Trip

It’s pride month, so you can imagine just how many events are taking place all over the country. But sometimes, you needn’t have such a worthy justification for heading on a road trip. Sometimes, you just wish to spend time with your good friends to bond with them more closely, to enjoy some time from work, and to see the farthest reaches of your culture, or another. Perhaps you wish to drive through Europe, or from State to State, visiting the landmarks from all over.

Planning the ultimate road trip can seem quite worrying at first. You might not know what to hit in order to move forward perfectly. You might feel as though getting one thing wrong could condemn the whole trip to boredom. But of course, none of this is explicitly the case. What matters is finding your preferences, talking them through with your travel partner or partners, and having a blast from there. We might recommend the following if you choose to do that:

Zones Of Exploration

A road trip is quite singular in its approach. There are some assumptions we can take without offending your plans, we’re sure. For example, you likely wish to go from A to B. You likely wish to see sights on the way there. Perhaps you want an easy driving experience, or, you welcome the challenge. You likely wish to experience the road trip as the intent of the vacation, not as a simple commute that must be over with as quickly as possible. It might even be that after arriving at B, you come back to A.

This most likely sounds familiar. But what matters when planning the ultimate road trip is not solely how to get from one destination to the other in the most comforting and exciting way possible, but how to do that while actually seeing your environment. You can drive through anywhere. But taking a little time to check out the surroundings is the essence of a good road trip. We would recommend you assign ‘zones of exploration’ you are more than happy to consider. So, when planning your route, attribute several stops on the way. Then, consider how long you would like to spend in one area. Perhaps a morning of driving could be supplemented with an afternoon of exploration, and an evening of rest. This way you can see many places on your route, perhaps one the way to your main goal. For example, if visiting your family for a celebration, it could be worth taking an extra week to have this journey and experience some of the towns you used to visit in childhood.

Zones of exploration are the key to a fulfilling road trip, so never feel afraid to use them.

Comfort vs. Raw Experience

There are some who wish to experience the road in its most raw form. Perhaps these are the folks who would like to pitch a tent on a beach, to sleep in their cars, or perhaps to take their truck with amenities around. Perhaps, if you have the right funding, staying in many motels or bed & breakfast joints can help you gain a little more comfort, while still seeing the surrounding area.

But it could also be that you mix the two. There’s no reason why a road trip needs to feel uncomfortable. There’s no virtue in feeling uncomfortable and unhappy, or getting a poor quality sleep. On top of that, sometimes being as self-sufficient as you can on the road could save you money and help you feel as though anywhere is a valid place to stop if you need to. Small campers could potentially help you get through this issue. Towing your small campers and then extending it when stationary could help you pretty much carry your entire set of needed facilities with you, almost completely negating the need for hotels or other overnight planned stops at certain landmarks. This, it seems, is the best of both worlds.

Prepare Your Playlist

What good is a road trip without a solid playlist to back up your journey? It’s not hard to see how music is the best accompaniement to any long-haul journey. Do away with podcasts and audiobooks, no matter how you use them on your commute. Drifting away through that kind of escapism only takes you out of the road trip experience. Of course, language training tapes for the country you’re in or perhaps historical or travel context could be considered more than appropriate.

A good road trip playlist needs to be diverse. It should have calming songs, optimistic songs, peaceful reflections and perhaps ballads everyone can sing to. No matter what your style is, you should be able to represent it. Some find inspiration in heavy metal music. Some would prefer classical as they watch the rolling hills go by. But it’s important to have something conducive to travel, as something that will calmly sit in the background and not exhaust or distract you.

Your Travel Companion

A road trip can be immensely freeing, but it can also be quite restrictive in terms of your space. Sat in the cabin of your vehicle, you will likely be sat next to someone, or others for a long time each day. Make sure their personalities complement yours. Make sure you usually have things to discuss. And, it can also be worthwhile to travel with someone who isn’t afraid of the silence. If you know, beyond all doubt, that you can sit in a vehicle with said person for hours at a time, days at a time, without becoming too irritated with them, and vice versa, you have your candidate.

Safety Kit

A safety kit is essential for any good road trip. Ensure you have non-perishable food, water, a car survival kit including car maintenance equipment, all of your necessary documents, blankets, spare clothes, a map, and also anything you might need depending on the weather situation. A summer road trip will look much different to one in the midst of winter, for example.

With these tips, you are certain to truly plan the ultimate road trip.