Mobile: America’s Aesthetic City

Aesthetics can be hard to find in American cities, sometimes. Outside of a few hotspots here and there, it feels like US city planning tends to forget beauty. New York has its appeals, but it’s really more of an organic (and lovely) mess rather than something that feels complete in its own right.

So, seeing Mobile, Alabama, for the first time can put the rest of the country in a whole new light. Gorgeous French architecture, a gorgeous bay, and a clean but modern skyline really does make it one of the prettiest cities in the country. But how do you best enjoy it?

What to see

Get the cameras ready because there are tons of fantastic sights in and around Mobile. If you’re looking for some gorgeous natural beauty, then exploring the coasts by way of an Alabama cruise is a great way to do it, and it shows just how well the city integrates its key nature hotspot. The Mobile Botanical Gardens offers a great flush of color, too, from Japanese Maples to Longleaf Pines and rows and rows of especially photogenic flowers.

What to do

As pretty as it is, Mobile’s beauty is more than skin deep. There’s plenty to dig into, including a thriving scene of museums and art galleries, with the Fort of Colonial Mobile being one of the most fascinating of them all. If you can, it’s worth visiting in February to experience Mardi Gras, as well. Mobile has one of the longest running celebrations of the event, and the streets truly turn up for it, with a traditional parade, decorated storefronts, and beads as far as the eye can see.

Where to stay

That sense of aesthetic extends to the accommodation of the city, as well. If you’re looking for hotel rooms in Mobile, Alabama, there’s a strong, growing boutique scene worth checking out. The Comfort Inn keeps you nice and close to all the sightseeing hotspots, as well. Flat-screen TVs, microwave, and breakfast buffets make for a nice, cost-effective staycation spot that’s perfect for exploring the city from, too.

Where to eat

Foodies have plenty of good reason to love the city, as well. The city is a good example of Southern Hospitality at its finest, and it shows in the food scene, with cheese boards, local breweries, seafood restaurants taking advantage of the bay’s freshest offerings, and good old-fashioned Southern comfort food. Take a closer look at where to eat in Mobile, Alabama for some ideas.

Getting around

As it’s such a gorgeous city, it’s a good thing that the city itself it so easy to walk and cycle around and has an excellent free trolley that can take you from one end of the city center to the other. If you want to visit the bay or other places outside of the city, you’re going to need a car, however, but driving in the city is considerably easier and parking less of a chore than other US cities.

Hopefully, the tips above encourage you to do your own exploring through Mobile, Alabama. It’s one of the few US cities that can really compete with the aesthetic quality of our European counterparts, so it deserves a little more love.