Learn a Language, Improve Your Life

Bonjour, Hola, Czesc! How are your language skills? You may not even have thought about speaking a different language since you were at school or struggling to make yourself understood on your last holiday, or you may live in a bilingual household and switch easily. Whatever your status with languages, mono, bi or even tri-lingual, learning a new language is a challenge you’re going to want to try out.

Why? Because increasing amounts of research is pointing to the fact that learning a language, such as Spanish, is great for the healthy functions of our brains. Besides, it can also be great fun and really increase your chances of making yourself understood in Spain or Mexico or any other Spanish-speaking country.

Brain function

Learning a language is hard for most people, though some do seem to have a more natural aptitude towards it than others. Often these are people who have had experience in learning a language previously or who play a musical instrument. Though it can be a challenge, here’s why it’s so great for your brain: quite simply it employs so many functions at any one time. It’s like a full brain workout.

You will use the language processing parts for sure, but you’re also using your listening areas to pick out words and differentiate between tones and rhythms. Besides that you’re engaging your communication hub that translates between languages and helps get the words out of your mouth. Finally your short-term memory is busy filing away all the new words, phrases and accents you’re hearing for future reference.

Keeping your brain in great condition is essential, especially as we get older. Learning a new skill, like speaking a different language, is great for helping us maintain focus and think clearly and quickly. Right now it’s also the kind of skill that looks great on your resume and shows any future employer that you have a desire to grow your skill set and embrace learning.


Embracing and practicing Spanish is quite a challenge and for sure the easiest and quickest way of picking it up is to immerse yourself in it, culturally and physically. Not all of us can upsticks and move to Spain or Mexico but if you are planning on living there for a while, this sink or swim tactic will work like no other. Quite simply you have to go for it.

For the rest of us we might look at online courses, such as rocket language spanish, join a class or buy a series of CDs and books to study at home with. If you have a friend who speaks Spanish, pluck up your courage and practice your newfound skills on them before you head off on holiday.

To keep your language skills up, you’ll need to keep practicing so you don’t forget what you’ve learnt so find like-minded friends to talk with.

Start today for a healthier brain, resume and better holiday experience. What have you got to lose?