How to handle negative blog criticism

When you run your own blog, you may find that eventually, you establish an audience. You have people tuning in from all around the world to see what you have to say, and this is a fantastic feeling to say the least. Sometimes however, you will have to deal with negativity and the worst thing about this is that it is usually on the comment section for everyone to see. Criticism can be painful, and it can be difficult to deal with. Sometimes it may even make you want to shut your blog down, but if you are able to turn the situation around, you’ll soon find that sometimes criticism is exactly what you need to take your site to that next level.

Embrace it

This can be very difficult to do, but you have to remember that not everyone will agree with you. In fact, negative feedback can be a good sign because it shows that you are making people think. You also need to make sure that you don’t take it personally either. Everyone gets criticised from time to time, even A-list bloggers, and it really is part of the job.

Consider It

Some criticism can be better than others. Some commenters just want you to know that they don’t think your post is good. Others might not like your logo, and some of them are much more considerate. They will give you reasons for the way they feel, and they may even help you to turn things around. If you see a negative comment, you may be tempted to respond in the same manner and this is understandable. You should refrain from doing this, however. Sometimes a negative comment may seem as though it’s coming out of the blue, but if another comment elaborates it even further then you may actually find that it’s helpful and that your site can be better by taking the point into account. Taking your time when responding is crucial for this very reason.

Talk it Out

Sometimes, talking to the commenter can really help and it can shed some light on the issue at hand. If you are struggling to talk with people about the issue then look into to try and expand your people management capabilities. This is especially useful if you sell products on your site as well. Of course, when you are talking to the other person you need to be respectful and calm at all times. If you respond in the right manner then this can diffuse the situation, and even shed some light on their opinion. If possible, do this on the public comment, so other people can see how well you can deal with situations like this. It may even prompt other people to change the way that they comment, making your blog into a positive space that has something to offer for everyone.

So, there are many ways that you can deal with bad commenters, but by taking the above tips into account, you can be sure to help yourself and your blogging community.