How to fall in love with life all over again

There are times in our life when it feels like we’re in love with everything and everyone. And then there are the moments when life just seems to be, well, a little mundane, a little plain. It’s not a bad existence, but it’s surely not the most inspiring way to be! While our spirits feel at their most elevated when we’re in an obviously big moment — falling in love, having a child, and so on — we don’t always have to wait for life’s precious times to come to us. We can make them happen ourselves. Below, we take a look at four activities that’ll have you looking at life a little different.

Mix things up

We are creatures of habit, but the habits we form aren’t always the most thrilling. Take the commute. We tend to just drive the same way, every single day — it’s enough to sap the enjoyment out of anyone’s life. Of course, that’s an obvious example, but even things like the places we shop, activities we enjoy, and types of music we listen to can all get old after a while. There’s much to be said for mixing things up, and doing thins differently. Try a new activity, ask for book and music recommendations from friends, and take a different route to the places you visit often. They’ll all provide your life with a bit more excitement.

Do something magical

It’s easy to forget it, but there are many awesome things we can do in life. It’s just that they’re not always in front of us — we have to seek them out. You can take a magical hot air balloon, or swim with dolphins, or take a trip to see the Northern Lights. All of these activities are magical, but they’re accessible to everyone. There’s nothing that’ll have you loving life again quite like doing some of the most wondrous and life-affirming activities out there!

Look at things with wonder

But of course, you can’t visit the edge of the world every time you want to feel inspired. And the good news is, you don’t have to. You’re surrounded by inspiring things — you just need to know where to look, and how. Virtually everything is interesting if you go deep enough into it, and in most cases, you don’t even need to go that deep. In the case of nature, just a surface appreciation of the beauty and magic of its existence can be enough to fill your heart with hope and wonder. Stop and smell the roses, essentially.

Make new friends

The great thing about humanity is that there’s always someone who knows something that you don’t. You just need to get out there and speak to the people. Meeting new people is one of those things that can make you love life again, because they can show you things you didn’t know about before, and you do the same with them. There’s a whole word of information that you don’t know about — but you can learn some of it from others.