How to create the perfect work and home balance

Did you know that 13.7% of the population work from home in this day and age – and do you blame them? Working around your other commitments and schedules, not having to spend hours commuting each week and even not having to get dressed if they don’t feel like it. However, working from home can be dangerous due to the free nature of it all. Workloads can quickly grow and some even feel like they can’t truly relax knowing that their workstation is meters from their bed every night. Luckily it doesn’t have to be this way and with the right tools, you can easily find the perfect balance between work and play. If you work from home or are considering that option, take a look at these tips on how to create the perfect work and home balance.

Work in a designated area

One of the beautiful things about working from home is that you can do it from pretty much anywhere, provided there is an internet connection and a power point for your laptop. However, spending the day working from your laptop in bed, while very luxurious, isn’t good for a healthy working from home schedule. Find a designated room in your home to work in and at the end of your working day, lock the door! This can help your brain switch off from work mode and actually enjoy time to yourself (or whatever you’re doing).

Even if you don’t have a room that you can dedicate to an office, choose a specific area in your home to work from that’s not going to be distracting during working hours. For example, if you’ve got children and have to work from home, choosing an office in your lounge could quickly become distracting if the TV is turned on. Choose an area like a corner in your kitchen or dining room so that you can sit quietly and concentrate.

Not only does working in a designated area help promote concentration and work ethic, but it also allows you to keep a space dedicated to all of your working materials or documents, meaning that there’s less risk of losing those all-important documents.

While there is an added bonus of being able to work from wherever when you work from home, and from time to time that’s perfectly okay, it’s important to choose and stick to a dedicated working area so that most importantly, you allow yourself to relax at the end of each working day.

Stick to a timetable

Another amazing part of working from home is the freedom of being able to work around other commitments in your life such as another job or children. However, working a little bit here and there isn’t going to promote productivity and could lead you to fall behind on deadlines. Even if your work schedule is a little crazy and out there, plan out specific hours to work so that when it comes to it, you can put yourself in the right frame of mind.

The same works for your personal and social life too. For example, if a friend is in town and asks you for coffee, you can arrange it around your work schedule at home (as well as the rest of your busy day) and then you can have the best of both worlds! You can download timetables online for free and reuse them as many times as you need. Trust us, it will help you become more productive and also gain a little more of a social life too!

Look after yourself!

As mentioned, one of the downsides of working from home is the fact that it can be difficult to switch out of work mode and relax. While it’s much easier said than done, try and remember that after you’ve completed your agenda for the day, it’s perfectly okay to relax and look after yourself! Take time to take care of your health by cooking healthy meals, exercising, and getting enough sleep! Not looking after yourself properly, especially when working from home can lead to health problems such as obesity, stiff joints, and even skin problems. Here are a few ways of avoiding these issues:

Don’t eat at your desk, as this can be a quick way of gaining weight without even realising it. Make an effort to head out for lunch or sit away from your desk when you eat so that it doesn’t become a hard habit to break.

Sitting at a desk can quickly make your joints stiffen up, so once every hour, get up and walk around for a minute or so! You can also do stretches of your legs, arms and back while sat at your desk to avoid joint stiffness.

Being in the same room for hours on end without having left your home first can lead to acne breakouts and as you know, this doesn’t do any favours for your self-confidence or skin health. Multitask at your desk! Pop a face mask on while working so that you can refresh your skin while you’re working. Take a look at these best acne face masks to find the perfect one for your skin type.

It’s also important to remember to take care of your mental health too. When you’ve got a busy schedule it’s easy to forget about actually taking care of your mental health! You can use mind relaxing techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, and even hypnosis.

Use time management tools

A problem that many people face that work from home is finding it difficult to delegate their workload properly. It’s all too easy to spend too long on one task and then find yourself stuck for time with the rest of your agenda. Luckily, there are a plethora of online time management tools that can alert you to move onto the next job for the day, and even remind you to take a break if you’ve been staring at the computer screen for too long!

Outsource when needed

We’ve all been in the position where we’ve taken on too much of a workload and find ourselves in over our heads with things to do and not enough time. That’s where outsourcing comes in. websites like Upwork and Fiverr allow you to list your task at hand and let people come to you for the work. The great thing about these platforms is that it protects both parties involved from any sort of scam. Outsourcing is a fantastic way of lightening your workload and meeting those all-important deadlines.

Learn to say no

Finally, and possibly most importantly, you should try and learn that it’s okay to say no every now and then. Whether that be your friends and family asking you to be available, or a company contacting you for work that needs doing. It’s important to know how much you can handle in both your working and personal life. Saying no every now and then won’t be the end of the world and it will give you time to concentrate on what’s important: you!

Working from home is an incredible way of fitting your career into your busy schedules, especially when you’ve got other dependants in your life! Use these tips to find the perfect work and home balance so that you can have the best of both worlds!