Getting Your Hiking Fix In The Great Smokey Mountains

Laying around on vacation only gets you so far. Eventually it will get boring and then you will thirst for some adventure. Maybe this is why the trend for vacations with more challenges than relaxations are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays you should be out seeing the world when you pay so much to go on holiday. Lounging around is a waste of time and money. So put on your hiking boots and make your way to the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s not just a few large boulders sticking out of the earth, these mountains are right near the eastern border in Tennessee. They are also around 40 miles from the nearest large city Knoxville. They inherently are the backdrop for many locals so you’ll have some company on your trip. The reason why they’re called smoky is because the mist that rolls down the hills and through the forest covers hundreds of square miles. On the sides of these mountains are rivers, peaks, valleys, hills, fields, lakes, ponds, and countless number of wild animals.

The neon green waters

The Great Smoky Mountains are in a national park of the same name. Therefore you can expect to see many natural sights that are well looked after with virtual no manmade pollution. Typical of this mountainside is the Roaring Motor Fork Trail. It’s nearly 6 miles long and is a one-way only loop road. It hugs the side of the mountains and valleys. If you go a little inward on the trail, you can stop and see the 25 feet high waterfalls at the Grotto. Because of the clear waters, blue hue rocks and the vibrant moss, the waters turn a bright pale neon green at night when the moonlight hits the surface. To get to this part of the mountains you’ll need to hike. So bring your extra thick and grippy hiking boots, along with plenty of food and water. It’s totally free to observe these waterfalls so don’t worry about any admission.

The exotic experience

The national park is very keen on preserving the wildlife that exists inside it. However, there’s also a general interest for animals of all kinds. If you’re wondering where you could possibly see exotic iguanas, then check out the attractions in the Great Smoky Mountains. One of which is the Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo. There are over six hundred animals in the zoo. From every size and color you can imagine, the wildlife inside is incredibly diverse. There are mountain lions and black bears, as well as reptiles and insects. Not all of them are local as you can imagine, but the overall study and appreciation of these animals is encouraged. There are also some nice local cuisine diners and restaurants nearby so you can fill up before you head home.

The Great Smoky Mountains are the backdrop to the city of Knoxville. If you’re close by, you should take the 40 mile car journey and put on some hiking boots to see the neon green waterfalls dance in the midnight moon.