Four steps to creating a life you love

The goal setting process is deeply personal, but it’s a way forward if you want to own your destiny and achieve your dreams in life. Whether it’s travelling the world, advancing your career, starting your own business or creating a home and a family, your future is really in your hands. Achieving something so massive can seem overwhelming, and many elements can seem beyond our control, but actually, whatever your ambition, there’s a similar process you can follow to make it happen for you. Make a commitment to following the process, and you can be on the road to living your wildest dreams.

Set your intentions

The beginning of everything is in your own heart and mind. That is the foundation of every thought, every interpretation and every action which will take you down one road or another in life. It’s worth asking yourself “What IF?” Have you been letting fears and anxiety hold you back? Has that negative little voice in the back of your head had too much of a say? Learn the power of positive thinking. Use visualization techniques to picture your success and make it a reality – it’s something that is used by many medal-winning athletes, top business leaders and more. Never allow your passions to go cold through negative internal dialogue. You absolutely can achieve what you want if you’re prepared to put in the work, no matter how distant it seems at first.

Break it down

Once you’ve made it clear to yourself what you’re setting out to do, then you need to break it down into manageable baby steps to make it easier to achieve. Focusing on the big picture can make things seem too hard, but looking at the smaller steps you can take makes things much easier. What will be the first step in your journey? Is it opening a savings account and working out a budget to put money aside? Looking at degree courses? Creating a travel itinerary? Or finding more details for setting up a business? You can get more information and start to plan out what you’re going to do.

Bring in balance

While being inspired is an amazing feeling, you also need to be careful not to get too carried away with your plans at the expense of other elements of your life. Don’t avoid seeing your friends to save money if you’re planning to travel or train so often with running you exhaust yourself if you want to run a marathon. Success is all about balance, not speed. If you burn yourself out you won’t achieve what you need to, so always remember the importance of moderation.

Learn to love failure

This may sound crazy, but life always includes setbacks, and it’s highly unlikely that your goals will be achieved completely smoothly without some measure of adversity. In fact, those challenges are important, because embracing failure teaches us far more valuable lessons than having easy success. We learn more about what works and what doesn’t. So don’t feel bad if something goes wrong — just take it as a learning opportunity and it becomes something valuable.

With a little persistence, you can make what you want to happen a reality. Good luck!