Body Art Has Always Been A Part Of Beauty

When did society’s fascination with beauty really begin? Was it during the mid-century era when women we more regal and men were more stoic? Perhaps it was during the Georgian and Victorian era where women were dressed to be more shapely and alluring, while the men were bold and reserved? Maybe it goes far back than that because we see sculptures and statues of the naked human form carved out of stone during the ancient Greek era. Whatever the period in which beauty and the emotion we have with what is beautiful, body art has always been a part of it. There has always been something special about body art in our eyes because we know it’s something that changes the way we look. Our body becomes part of the earth in a way and that has some kind of natural romance. The modern ways that body art has developed prove this theory.

The classic reborn

Perhaps the most recognizable body art that we see in modern times is the earring. A piercing that has gone through soft tissue such as the earlobe or cartilage is something many women choose to have. Some of the most classic looks of beautiful women have been because of diamond earrings that have dangled from the ears. Drop earrings as they’re often referred to are strung together and often have a background of mythological or historical background. Snowflake earrings with smaller drop of snow are very popular, but raindrop earrings are also very common. The weather and elements play a huge role in this form of body art that add to the beauty of the wearer.

The punk movement

When the punk movement began in the mid-70s, it came with its own form of body art. Now rather than the simple piercings that their parents had, teenagers were piercing parts of their body that had never previously been used. One of them is the web piercing which is done underneath the tongue. It’s not as painful as other piercings because they’re not a lot of tissue for the hot needle to go through. However, since it is unusual, this was a prime place for many punk women especially, to have a piercing. It was seen as ‘punk beauty’ something that was meant to shock or surprise the average person. Still used today it’s one of the lesser known piercings but one of the favorites for those that are into body art.

The return of the sleeve

Tattoos have always been front and center of the body art movement. However, recently there has been a rise in popularity for the sleeve tattoo. This is because it’s on a body part that is often used and can be bare in public without causing a stir. It’s also a linear canvas as it can tell a story in different stages either going up or going down.

Beauty is something that has been contemplated for thousands of years. Body art has always been present as jewelry has played a massive role even in ancient societies. Tattoos and piercings have come from the rock n’ roll and punk movements which still matter today.